Meanwhile, Easter is studying Ikuto’s violin and they want to put X Egg energy into it. More X Eggs begin to gather, breaking the ceiling of the room. Nikaidou, Kukai, and Kairi are already packing. Meanwhile, Ikuto is in the garden in the amusement park, sitting down on the grass. Amu is walking with Tadase, and is just about to walk into Ikuto when the Guardian Characters come over and tell Amu there is a? While Wakana is walking home from school, she begins to doubt her dream, and this makes her a target for Lulu. This frees everyone else from the trance. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart.

Lulu’s grandma is leaving to Paris, and Lulu and Amu say goodbye to her. Lulu listens this time. After Ikuto wakes up, Amu shows gladness that Ikuto was showing signs of being stronger than earlier, when he was weak. Yaya uses Black Duckies, Go Go to seduce the dog. Kazuomi brings out the device that has been controlling Ikuto, a tuning fork. Retrieved June 10, Due to flustering, his attacks are uncontrollable. After the Guardians blocked the performers’ attacks, Amu changes the?

Amu tries to get Lulu to stop, but Lulu indirectly reveals that she has no dream and attacks her. Amu gets angered by this, and asks why he can’t stay the way he is. Ikuto gets Amu to admit that she watched him sleep, which bothered Amu immensely.

More come, so Nagihiko asks Rima to join him. Diamond suddenly hatches, much to the delight of Ran, Miki, and Su. All her methods end up failing, and she ends up playing for a long time. Amu hopes that Ikuto will be able to hear Utau’s song someday. There is a blinding purple flash, and Yoru gets worried. Eggs go on a full out attack on the Guardians. In Tadase’s house, a young Tadase runs over to Ikuto and Utau.


The rest of the Guardians are throwing a surprise party for her. At school, Amu burns herself and Tadase helps her.

While Amu is studying, Tadase comes over to her house and Amu’s mother suggests they talk in Amu’s room. Amu tries to convince Maa to stop, but he ignores her. Finally, Amu says that she will get mad, and Maa hears. Her Heart’s Egg is turned into a?

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Later, Amu overhears Kairi saying he doesn’t want to see Amu anymore, because of what he lacks. The Embryo shows up, so Lulu tells Ikuto to grab it, but Ikuto had left earlier on. Amu tells her that her mother would not be happy if she knew Lulu was using people’s dreams, but Lulu takes out the necklace in her pocket and uses it against herself.

Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru. To prevent getting caught, Amu quickly goes upstairs to throw Ikuto, Yoru and the violin into her closet, telling them to be quiet.

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Lulu is speechless snugo and her grandma leaves. Amu shows up, but Utau won’t listen to her. They are also worried that Easter will be there since it is a place where many people will gather. She tries to purify him, but after a while, Maa finishes his clay model of Kiseki, and is so happy, that his Egg purifies itself, which causes the statue to collapse.

I’ll Become the Ace Player! Prism Music, and succeeds. Amu and Tadase confront Ikuto as Death Rebel.

Tsukasa delivers Alto’s violin to Ikuto. Tadase learns the truth of what happened to Betty. Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure descend to the tower. Mimori thinks it is the voice of the epiisode fairy and asks for her help. Yua doesn’t know what a Guardian Character is, and is a little annoyed at Cecil following her. Amu decides to try baseball, seeing as how girls can play it too. Ikuto then tricks her, saying that he’ll listen shuto she asks more sweetly.


Yoru and Kiseki manage to grab the tuner and run, but Kiseki is later caught. After saying Ikuto’s epsiode aloud, he pops down suddenly from the tree. Archived from the original on October 6, Lulu shows Kazuomi a book containing information about the Mystery Eggs.

She tells them that Utau needs more people to go to her concert so she can get popular again. Now that Utau is famous, Yukari is planning on moving to a bigger office. She says that though she wants to stay a baby character, sometimes the inexperienced have to step in and fight. Lulu’s grandma asks Lulu what her dream is again. Tadase, Amu, and Shugl sit in silence. Egg turns into epispde X Egg ,and everything goes back to normal. With Heart Speeder, she chases after Nayuta.

Dhara, Tadase, and Yaya arrive at a spot where many X Eggs have gathered. While talking, Amu starts to wonder if she really should or should not tell him.

In the void, the bubbles flash forward to today: