Meanwhile at Amu’s house, Amu is unable to sleep due to having Ikuto in the same bed as her. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to Tadase’s place. She leaves, and Lulu turns her Heart’s Egg into a? She Character Changes with Nana and asks her to tell her what was wrong, but before Amu says anything, the Character Change is over. After fighting with clay statues, which keep molding over and over again, Miki switches with Ran. Character Transforming to Amulet Clover, Amu takes a wave of chocolate with whisk and bowl and makes some of her own, curing everyone of hypnosis.

The Guardian Characters sensed this, and Amu transformed into Amulet Heart after catching up with the man. Amu acquires roller skates, Heart Speeder, to chase after him. Amu starts thinking about telling them about Ikuto, but changes her mind and asks why Tadase has a grudge against him. After last episode, the X Eggs smash through the ceiling and smash the cages holding Amu, Tadase, and Ikuto. She goes to play with Ami, but Tadase and the others meet up with her. Utau also attack using White Wing. Kukai is out shopping for groceries for his older brothers.

Amu transforms into Amulet Heart.

Liste épisodes des animes titre en version japonaise

episoxe Being embarrassed, Lulu ran outside to get away. Eggs into X Eggs, and then purifies them. Amu’s mother then calls her down to dinner, with Ikuto left deciding whether to stay at Amu’s place or camp elsewhere.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. While a girl named Hinako moves away, her Guardian Egg drops out from her package. Mahou Shoujo Madoka 09 Major S6 Tadase catches her, but Yoru is distressed as Kazuomi took Ikuto and left. Amu forgets about her date with Tadase and goes to help Ikuto pack.

They talk about Alto leaving and the current state of the family. Mimori captures Su, then Ran and Miki work together to save her.

My Radiant Dancing Princess! Retrieved October 21, Yaya has applied to have teen model Yua Sakurai come to the school. Yukari and Nikaidou blush when they realize they said that to the audience. Shugo Chara 77 vostfr. Ikuto tells her not to cry. Gosick 22 Guin saga In their clumsiness, the Easter employees drop some of their X Eggs while on the pursuit for more.


Amu notices this and picks it up on her way to the Wwt Garden. She, Kukai, and the Guardians discuss and decide to find the owner of the egg. During a snowy day in town, Tsukasa realizes that his wallet was lost, so Ikuto plays the violin.


Doki— episode episoxe in Japanese. Amu is standing outside of a store, when a girl walks out. Eggs and hurry to the scene. After fighting with clay statues, which keep molding over and over again, Miki switches with Ran. Nodame Cantabile No gizaka haruka Nyan koi! Maa’s mom comes, and Maa insists she buy him origami paper because he is “done with clay.


Tadase also tries to talk to Ikuto about the past, but he walks off, still under complete control. They begin to fight over who helped Amu the best, and everyone laughs.

On the way home, Tadase buys flowers for his sick grandmother.

There is a blinding purple flash, and Yoru gets worried. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni. Amu decides to do something, and she Character Transforms to Amulet Heart. The Guardians try to handle the? Isekai no seikishi Itazura na kiss Shgo Jinki extend Jushin enbu tales. Egg transforms to an X Egg, which Amu purifies, and Saaya is back to normal.

As an anime fan, she states that she feels useless normally dressed. Amu tells her they’re the same when it comes to not knowing their dreams. Sora no Woto 04 Sora wo kakeru shoujo The second season features new characters such as Lulu de Morcerf, a new employee for the Easter Company who uses her mysterious ruby necklace to corrupt people’s dreams by turning their Heart’s Eggs into?

Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar Special.