Characterization and catalytic performance of vanadium supported on sulfated Ti-PILC catalysts issued from different Ti-precursors in selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide by ammonia. Synthesis of an Original Fluorinated triethylene glycol methacrylate Monomer and its Radical Copolymerisation with Vinylidene Fluoride. Production processes and systems, compositions, surfactants, monomer units, metal complexes, phosphate esters, glycols, aqueous film forming foams, and foam stabilizers. Oxidation pathways towards Si amorphous layers or nanocrystalline powders as Li-ion batteries anodes. New Journal of Chemistry European Journal of Organic Chemistry

A Practical Diastereoselective Synthesis of syn-alpha-hydroxyaminonitriles. A multifactor study of catalyzed hydrolysis of solid NaBH4 on cobalt nanoparticles: Journal of Supercritical Fluids The Iron role on mechanical properties of ceamics with clays from ivory coast. Ammoxidation of ethylene over low and over-exchanged Cr-ZSM-5 catalysts. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology Muon spin relaxation study of spinel lithium manganese oxides.

New Journal of Chemistry Journal of Porous Materials Positions,lifetimes and partial widths of metastable quasi-energy states by solving the time-dependent complex-scaled Schrodinger equation.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 8. Ammoxidation of ethylene over low and over-exchanged Cr-ZSM-5 catalysts. Integrative synthesis of coordination polymers, metal oxides, and alloys magnetic nanoparticles in MSU mesoporous silica. A luminescent Schiff-base heterotrinuclear Zn 2 Dy single-molecule magnet with an axial crystal field.


Degenerate four-wave mixing measurements of the chi 3 non-linear optical properties of poly arylene-ethynylenesilylene s. Physical Reveiw B Functional chiral hybrid silica gels prepared from R – or S -binaphthol derivatives. Entrapment and stabilization of iron nanoparticles within APTES modified graphene oxide sheets for catalytic activity improvement.

Tunable hierarchical porosity from self-assembled chitin-silica nano-composites. Canadian Journal of Chemistry Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Oriented crystallisation on supports and anisotropic mass transport of the metal-organic framework manganese formate.

Functionalized green tea tannins as phenolic eplsode forbio-based epoxy resins. Highly efficient fluorescent label unquenched by protein interaction to probe the avidin rotational motion.

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Hybrid silica based materials as new solid phase extractants. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles in recent photodynamic therapy applications.

Synthetic versiliaite and apuanite: Synthetic approaches to alpha,beta-unsaturated delta-lactones and lactols. The main features of GaPO4 hydrothermal crystal growth under conditions of direct and retrograde solubility.

Dyes wsmar Pigments A low-cost sorbent for heavy metals and basic dyes removal from aqueous solutions.

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Fabrication of far infrared rib waveguides based on Te-Ge-Ga films deposited by co-thermal evaporation. Current research on piezoelectric materials at the LPMC: Kinetic study and reaction mechanism of the hydroxyalkylation of aromatic compounds over H-BEA zeolites. Exploratory studies on the synthesis of unsymmetrically substituted diacetylenes bearing trialkoxysilyl groups and development of a method for the preparation of 1-lithio 2,8,9-trioxaazasilabicyclo.


Redox behaviour of iron during delithiation in LixCo1-yFeyO2 solid solution: The layered double hydroxide route to Bi—Zn co-doped TiO 2 with high photocatalytic activity under visible light. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society Effect of pressure on the superionic argyrodite Ag7GeSe5I. Tetracycline silverions-functionalized mesoporous silica for high bactericidal activity at ultra-low concentration.

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Radical solution copolymerisation of vinylidene fluoride with hexafluoropropene. Self-Assembled Monolayers prepared from alkanethiols or dialkyl disulfides epiwode Au: Silica and alumina transfer in supercritical aqueous fluids and growing of topaz monocrystals in them.

Interfaces involving biomolecules and inorganic materials: