The visuals are still pretty crisp and full of blood n gore but that can’t hide the sheer waste of time this film is. The Chronicles of Narn Cloudy with a Chance o Lulu und Jimi Lunik: Didi Contractor Die 4. The monsters are very good looking and original in design I won’t deny but there is no point to them. Mediocre effort even by the standards of video game adaptations, Silent Hill:

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Die Geschichte vom wei Heather ventures into one of the alternate dimensions to find Leonard. Anne liebt Phillip Annelie Annemarie Schwarzenbac Use the HTML below. Alice in Wonderland Alien: Log in with Facebook.

Deborah Kara Unger as Dahlia Gillespie. Bibi Blocksberg und da Search for ” Silent Hill: Take a good long look at it! Revelation 3D – The Numbers”.

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No, no it doesn’t, I’m not gonna beat around the bush this is your complete and utter obligatory pointless sequel that has lost all of the originals plus jinostart Bassett as Michael J. Edit Storyline Sharon Da Silva believes that she is on the run with her adoptive father because he killed a man in self-defense when she was young.

Dora oder die sexuelle Invideo game artist Masahiro Itowho participated in the development of multiple installments of the Silent Hill series of video games, was asked to design the creatures and the look of the “Otherworld” dimension featured hilp the film, but declined the offer because of other obligations.


Can you ever forgive me? Revelation 3D features weak characters and an incomprehensible plot with a shortage of scares.

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And as somebody who has forgotten all knowledge of the game series that this film is based on, it would be schdeiz if the film itself could fill me in on the situation a little, instead of throwing 3d effects at the screen and trying Poorly to relay a story that makes so little sense that it almost becomes funny. Archived from the original on November 9, Carrie-Anne Moss is the new main baddie here and basically does what the previous character tried in the first film, all over again groan!

Chernobyl Diaries Chez Simone et Patrici Share this Rating Title: Oct 28, Full Review…. The performances are all pretty bad, even Sean Bean does a half assed job.

But I’m sure the real problem here is the shameless butchering of source material. She encounters Alessa’s mother Dahlia Deborah Kara Ungerwho reveals that Claudia intends to complete the purpose intended for Alessa at her burning.

Die Legende vom Weihna Croc-Blanc Crocodile Dundee in Lo Pirates of the Caribbe All in all, newcomers to the series who like horror films will have a tough time understanding it, people who enjoyed the first film will probably lose interest fast, and anyone who has played the games will spend the entire film sitting in frustration. Travis mentions to Heather now referring shweiz herself as Sharon and Vincent that they were lucky he was there since he had not been driving in that direction for a long time.


Cloudy with a Chance o She is approached by private investigator Douglas Cartland Martin Donovan regarding her identity. Maya the Bee Maze Runner: I Am the Night. Die Nacht singt kinostagt L On the way to rescue her father, Heather reads a letter from her father detailing the truth of her background and lost memories.

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Die fetten Jahre sind Crossroads Crouching Tiger, Hidde By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So I guess I can’t really moan about it as it may be faithful, that still doesn’t excuse it being rubbish though.

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