You have been forewarned. I don’t feel like the characters developed as much in Goong. He knew she had another man. One thing that kind of “blemishes” the happy ending – did the queen mother eventually relent and accept soon-yi? I’m really eager to find out, since I think the ending doesn’t explain much about the continuation of Hoo and Soon Yi’s relationship. And the end, in case you were worried, is happy enough for me! Hoo introduces Yang Soon-yi to his uncle, the Hyo-sung Dae-gong. She was so sad at being separated from her parents that she cried, and barely spoke.

Joon likes how simple things were back then, before they knew anything, just happily playing. I had hoped that would include that in the last episode to tie up the loose ends in the series. There are people depending on me, and I want to do well for this work I like. I really enojoy reading them. I also have the same final thoughts as you xD For Goong S , it worked for me because Hoo and Soon-yi needed time to grow up, to experience life, and find themselves before coming back together. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Though it may have failed in the middle part, the latter episodes did well in capturing my attention. There are people depending on me, and I want to do well for this work I like. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to sihopsis this audio clip. Cooffee that I have read ur transalation, I feel better.

For me, Seven held the character together and really made Goong S worth watching. Is the gentle prince Joon we should have seen more!

Especially when it came to the political intrigue. My only wish is that the show put some of the awesomeness the last few episodes had into the beginning of the series. I had such a hard wall around me. coffee



For my last point for this series, they could have made the royal wedding a lil bit more flambouyant than having it just in bears haha. It’s kinda sad that’s finish now You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I have something I want sinoosis show to the girl with lots of worries.

I have always enjoyed your summaries as you injected your comments and humour in the most interesting manner. But I didn’t like the ending much. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. But they brush it aside as empty threats. For me the best summarised sentence of the review has got to be this one, it’s so apt prinve easy to understand but summarises the love between soon-yi and lee hoo perfectly. I’ll be reading more of your entries!

I cried reading the summary because Hoo was just so moving to me!!! Only wished you had recapped every single episode instead of the last four or five!

Even if it wasn’t in video cool!!

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In the past three years, I tried really hard to forget you. Hoo anxiously waits for her, and finally finds a letter she slipped sinlpsis his pocket.

People tend to blame his fanbase for supporting the drama ie. But since Shi-yeon has earned it:. And while in my opinion, Goong is the better-executed show plot and acting, mostlySinopsix feel an affection to Goong S that I don’t feel with Goong.

I was kinda expecting a big royal wedding crowd with all the tradition stuff haha. And the episide, in case you were worried, is happy enough for me!


I love how it ended. Go, Han Sang Gung! Of course, it’s also colored by the fact that it’s been a while since I saw Goong.

Really people should stop comparing Goong and Goong S The reason that I am contacting you that in my love for the first Goong, I bought the comic books set from hanbooks. Anyway I’ve bought the dvd now. You may not sinpsis it yourself, but your fate with the Palace goes back a long while.

I ended up falling for Se7en myself! I’m so addicted now.


If Hoo and Soon-yi didn’t end up together, I would have had to hurt something. Episode 6 by Helcat. The Queen and the Prime Minister still want to push through with Sae-ryung marrying Hoo, but she surprises them by asking them to forget about those intentions.

Quite a huge difference, and it was fairly gradual. Out of curiosity, which Goong series do you prefer more? D I really liked the two main leads, as much as I li9ked the fiurst goong Thank you! And boy, I don’t regret this! Soon-yi also notes that Sae-ryung and Hoo have become closer over the years, and even speak in informal banmal speech.

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