Xiao Cai brings him to climb a small hill and tells him that sweating it out will make him feel better. Yong Xiu replies that he still doesn’t remember the love between them but she protests, “I don’t mind –” “But I mind! Thanks for uploading the episode 17 of the TWdrama Die Sterntaler and thanks for uploading with us. December 15, at 7: Why the bad languageā€¦. February 3, at 6:

Cedy in love with Laurice. Be the first and write one. I want to find it. And Yong Tuo tells her, that he doesn’t want to ruin any remaining feelings that exist between him and his father. Chris Wang , Hsu Wei-ning. Roy Liu Gao Bing Hong. And he asks Vice Director why he’s still not married yet, to which he gives the reply that at his age, marriage is no longer his goal. Thanks for uploading the episode 12 of the TWdrama Die Sterntaler and thanks for uploading with us.

Daily All Women Want. Show Lo and Rainie Yang. October 21, at 9: To the Dearest Intruder Thirty Something.

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Thanks for uploading the episode 19 of the TWdrama Die Sterntaler and thanks for uploading with us. December 23, at 6: Chu Yung-Tuo Alex To Episode 3 Xie No.


I hope that next week will be aired on it. Want to Make a Cult Classic?

Utopia For The 20s. Chang Shu-haoJenna Wang.

We have a life time to do whatever we didn’t finish last time. But it stars Jiro Wang baby! November 6, at Yong Tuo brings Xiao Cai back to his new place, and hugs her as she looks at the books on sign language.

Wu ChunRainie Yang. I thin both the leads have the potential of tajwan it a great drama to watch, but at that many episodes, I may never get to it. January 26, at 2: Sphinx Ding Chu Yong Tuo. Love Forward Miss Rose. Watch now on “UnMade”. She discovered that he had lost his memory in an accident and he had a girlfriend. January 6, at 6: Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

All in Peony In Bloom. Spring Flower The Way to Happiness. Love Me or Leave Me.

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Most of them, however, are really long. Ordinary Love Taste of Life.

Finding out taiwaj her predicament, she pretends to be dramx of concern well she IS concerned, sterhtaler for the wrong reasons and provides lots of suggestions for Xiao Cai to take up jobs back in Japan.


Daily KO One Return. So this style of recaps is a bit different from the usual — much less details, but that’s because I’m still not fully invested in the show yet and I don’t know if I will ever be, seeing that I feel ever so cautious of the show, not liking the impending moment when Xiao Cai shows any remote interest back to Yong Tuo. He Yun Cai, a deaf girl, fell in love with Chu Yong Xiu, a new doctor volunteering at her grandfather’s small clinic in Hokkaido.

When is the last episode of the TWdrama Die Sterntaler? We want to subbed this TWdrama to work from it.

Die Sterntaler

November 18, at 6: Just got my Second Lead Shipper badge back. I can barely finish my weekly homework and keep my head above water. She’s willing to listen to him.