Elder AIL says that something’s fishy. They’re irritated that she’s correcting their cooking and stomp off, but not before muttering how she got her job because of Se Yoon. He asks her if she’s been in a relationship in Se Yoon. Joo Ri arrives and demands that they talk. Opera Man runs into Auntie and she tells him about her first love – a singer who judged a competition she was in. He ends up rubbing his eye with an onion hand so she hurries and gets him a rag to wipe his eye. Se Yoon goes to his room and thinks about Chae Won. Then they chase each other.

She starts to feel sorry for herself and he mentions seeing her resume. Then she blames Chae Won for everything. Se Yoon arrives, surprised they know each other. Se Yoon takes Chae Won home. Works by Pan Entertainment. Younger AIL gets busted for knowing about the couple. He laughs at her.

Se Yoon explains that he’s bringing her home because they had a company dinner party together.

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Starts with EMIL at the company. Family hijinks and Appa’s upset because Choon Hee dumped him. When she rebuffs his hurt, he nods and tells her to do as she pleases and leaves.

Elder uncle and auntie decide to cheat and swap their noodles with Younger Uncle’s. One of them slaps her on the butt and Appa gets mad. Because their relationship isn’t at that level yet. He smiles as he tells her that he has at least 10 minutes and he’s no ordinary employee.


Start of the contest.

Sinopsis Drama Hundred Year Inheritance (Tamat)

Joo Ri arrives to see them and to seethe over their relationship. As he’s reaching for the rag, he grabs her hand instead and she feels a jolt of something. She tells rdama it’s hazing. The aunts decide to go confront Choon Hee. She calls HR and asks about her. Upstairs, Joo Ri comes in and demands to know why Chae Won didn’t take the money.

He asks if they really are through.

So, things are finally picking up with this show. Archived from the sinopiss on March 28, Next day, Se Yoon and Chae Won run into each other. Joo Ri notices and gets insecure.

Appa and Choon Hee at the beach. Because that’s what we all use. She’s about to go home when she gets a message about 188 meeting for the CEO at 6am the next morning. Joo Ri arrives and demands that they talk. Chae Won goes and asks one of her sunbaes for a job and has to admit that she’s gotten divorced. He pretends he doesn’t know so Chae Won gets to gush over her hiring. She tells him to please go home and he indignantly teases her, asking if she’s going to kick epiaode out after he’s helped her without even feeding him.


Chae Won asks why she should.

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He tells her they aren’t, and Chae Won looks a little disappointed that he hunxred that way. Thanks for the synopsis! He pretends to be reading a text when she sees him, like he had no idea she was there.

As Chae Won has her interview, Se Yoon paces, waiting to see how it went. Oehalmeoni tells Appa that he has to get injeritance of the house if he chooses to keep dating Choon Hee.

EMIL comes in and asks what’s wrong. She tells him to leave if he’s not going to drink. They get in a fight and Choon Hee declares that they should break sinopsie.

Min Chae-won is the eldest granddaughter of a family living in an outskirts of Seoul who have been running a noodle factory for three generations. Joo Ri tells her to go sinkpsis.