The only reason why a second series spawned was because the first was a mega mega hit and they wanted to milk it. I actually loved the tragic ending. But before he does, Baek-ah hands him the letter Chae-ryung wrote in blood to Su, which Su had wanted delivered to Won. I suffered with you guys, if it wasn’t for binnie, I never ever would have watched this. No spark, no chemistry between this couple. Please stay away from Scarlet Heart 2. Maybe Soo feels closer to Wang So by having the same writing and probably her love grows even more everytime she sees all the poems written by him.

So got her “love” which consisted of abandoning, not trusting, etc and was left all alone while Jung got a mini Su as a souvenirr. Honestly, I probably would’ve enjoyed a drama about SJ and his gradual integration with Robin. He played both his characters with such dedication and sincerity that it actually elevated my love for him for being just so great at what he does. She’s a harbinger of doom. JCW March 27, at 9: Hopefully HB picks something great for his next project. They cuddle in bed while watching the prerecorded congratulations from their wedding guests, and both of them wonder who invited Detective Na.

I totally missed that scene: When he tells her that he loves her, a tear trickles down her cheek, and he gently wipes it away. You are commenting using your WordPress.

I loved reading the 19-2 and always agreed with everything you said. Robin smiles a little wider, then taps the screen to record a reply.


Jung Yoo Mi Considers Casting Offer For New Investigative Drama

Sionpsis working in very mysterious ways? You are not pulling the Dream Card on us. The ending is kind of perfect for the lot they’ve been we’ve been too through.

So long story short, sad yes, but also the ending worked and it got more interesting as it went. If a cook can’t make half kofea food that universally doesn’t suit anybody’s tastebuds I rin had the series been longer, then they would have had more time to do development of the characters OMG you’ve explained the entire drama! For a preproduction drama, what were they thinking!!! Historically they had 5 kids together. And despite the angst and heartache it gives me.

The scene where Seojin admitted he might’ve developed Robin as an artist due to Taejoo made me go ‘aww’ and cry a little at the same time.

Totally agree with you GF. Jung says he did it only because her handwriting was so similar to his again, what and why? But even in the modern days, if one is found guilty of murdering someone or plotting a murder, then they too are punished. And the last episode was definitely setting itself up as a sinopsie premise:.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me: Episode 20 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Posted April 3, At least Hyun Bin got to show his acting skills while Han Ji Min could only do so much with a character as undeveloped as the supporting cast.

Has anyone not gotten a flashback yet? I miss you, but I cannot korae close to you. We can forget the truths, lies, misunderstandings, and jealousy… the restless bickering over the throne and the many deaths.


Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. That day is a miracle.

See that left hook plot twist? Per the rules of romance, she is supposed to like Seo-Jin but she never quite fell for him and I even wondered if Robin sinopsid bump into main lead instead of second. Choi seems to study her knowingly, though Su does her best to shake it off and introduce some BB cream, which she claims was invented in Goryeo as well.

IMHO, I think you can raib watch it if you are willing to go through the koreea again. By then I had to ask my daughter to go get me more tissues. I was even okay if she honestly, as she said she would, forgot everything.

It was funny reading most of the comments that says “Thank God It’s Over”, and kinda say lets all moved on. Maybe all the time hops worked against creating an empathy link with what seems to be the majority of audience.