He overhears Han telling his assistant that Mo-yeon actually seems to be enjoying her punishment in the operating room, and that he sends her flowers daily, which she returns. She even stated that she needed more time to think things through and decide whether she can be a girlfriend to this dangerous but charming man. Shi Jin is also a warrior to his country and cannot betray it so he cannot let Commander Ahn go. They become more stupid when they’re together! Your email address will not be published. You might want to check on that. More Sung Yu-ri returns as bold and lively housekeeper! Dolly March 11, at

They really should have casted a bad guy with the same level of english speaking. Her change in job status has caused the bank to rethink loaning her the money, which puts her in a bind. It’s a wonderfully written episode. I think a lot was going through her mind at that moment. Growingbeautifully March 14, at 7: TBH the only thing that stops me from being annoyed at MJ and DY on and off situation is the actors’ beautiful acting. So while from the angle of “just go with your heart and compromise, why suffer” the two guys together appear ‘stupid’, in fact their decisions were thought through and mature. I love this episode, the drunk scenes are too cute “I think this phone is drunk!

It was too happy which means something bad is going to happen but we don’t want something bad to happen so we ignore it. She was probably feeling regrets, bits of jealousy, bits of resentment and she was not exactly korex to go home. It was just a PPL for that place I’ve seen that restaurant name in my country.

Infection control can’t be too strict in your country. Sqallow way, way better than Heirs. When he asked her that question, and when he apologized, told her suun take care of herself, saluted her, and left, one could see that he was doing his best to let her go, in spite of what he really wanted. Attack with full force. Dae Young receive a message from they leader for mission.


Oops, wrong episode reference.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 14 Recap

Anyway, I do notice that some people point out that this drama lacks storyline. But in this case I actually appreciated seeing Shi-jin and Mo-yeon separated for a while, because it highlighted something that I really like about their budding relationship: Is that safe to kiss and leave it to drive alone?

On the ‘you are my everything’: I really wished it had been with Song Joongki. But this time I’m really worried, which was so weird until I realized it’s down to SJK being so good in this role that I was nervous that being shot would change Shi Jin: I thought it was clear from the get-go that this drama is about the love story of a soldier and a volunteer doctor.

I like cool guys but at this point Shi Jin is too laid back for me. I’m not sure if it’s the subtitles, but they make it sound like in the serie like she’s rich and beautiful or that is his sister in law? Alienkay March 12, at I really hope we get to see Staff Sergeant Choi’s wife. I don’t even understand it myself.

I actually think that both of his eyes welled up, but I could see it more on the right eye. We are getting that, aren’t we?

Swallow the Sun (Korean Drama – ) – 태양을 삼켜라 @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Personally I’d have been tempted to compromise a bit like say, “I really like you, so I don’t want this to end but I don’t want to date you either. I appreciated that the shoe-tying lace did not have any background music, it made it more impactful. Obviously yes to me. And also, possibly a foreshadowing of what’s to come in the last two episodes. Ssallow cheesy, but fun!

One could tell he was trying to hold back his emotions as well, during that scene. I’m sorry, but overall I think this was the worst episode so far.


Before Shi Jin passes out he sees Dae Young running towards him. After a popular phenomenon of a drama ends, people tend to wonder, What next? But with that little screentime, their story is compelling imho. So date and see if it works out. Laraaaa March 11, at 8: It seems that ssun are never in the same tune, in terms of commitment to their feelings to each other.

I am thinking that she might have still been emotional strong in her emotions when she asked him to apologize. Did you notice that in that scene? I know people were thinking in the past ssun episodes that the doctors were just goofing off or doing things slnopsis didn’t seem to be useful. I will be back later. This is an order.

The ending of ep 15 preview though. My intelligence is being insulted and expectations dashed over and over again but I still find myself watching the next episode. Yes, I have the same interpretation to his asking whether he should apologise or confess. Mo Yeon sighs that her life is like a drama, laughing that Shi Jin is fine but will soon die in her hands.

I like that this episode as the couple are apart, sinposis got to sinopsiz more depth in Moyeon.

sibopsis I enjoyed that bit of detail as well. Other than that I had a lot of action and horse-riding scenes so I had to prepare for those a lot, I know its not a popular opinion but the chemistry between the two male leads is more fun to watch than the main relationship. Kogea it to the pieces!! I felt like both couples were just rehashing the same issues or standing in the same place moving their feet from side-to-side.