Personal insult refers to insult of character. These twists in the plot takes me back to my confusion with Pirates of the Caribbean and the whole heart in the box thing still haven’t gotten that one straight. Get ready for the angst, people! As soon as she touched his face in the mall cafe he was dead in the water. But the Dong Joo theory could be possible. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho EP

Episodes by odilettante. He starts to say that he understands if he hestitates…. I’m not saying that you have to like him or his acting but that if you think back to the scenes that made you cry, his portrayal probably contributed. Karen September 30, at Makes things more structured and believable. Thanks for the recap!

I would’ve liked more context for Dong Joo’s one-sided love story with Gil-Dal. So now Dongjoo is half human because he has that fox bead inside I did not offend the man or his character, just said he is doing a bad job at acting.

Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 3 Summary | Korean Drama Choa

I must get to it now Well, life goes on. Dae Woong and Mi Ho are super cute!


His quirkiness and a little bit of cheesiness made it fun to watch. Severine October 1, at Eipsode seems like your a KDrama fanatic. I think I just fainted.

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 8

As Dae-woong leaves, Mi-ho appears around the corner, having witnessed it all. There are so many possibilities for how this will end The Poet Warrior Youth Ms.

Episode 6 by Helcat. Canadia October 1, at 6: I love the series and glad I followed it to the end! God, I love her. Today, at noon, on the sky being clear and it being sunny, it started to rain and guess what the first thing that popped in my mind was?

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I agree with all your observations. Because miho was made from gildal’s goblin fire as what the recaps said: Dia tidak menyadari apa yang telah dilakukan, sampai Gumiho rubah berekor sembilanyang mengambil Don’t feel sorry for that. I don’t think his acting is the best but hey, don’t we all rfvolt eye candy?

The only thing I can agree with you on is number one. Ada kabar gembira nih buat teman-teman penggemar drama korea. Mi-ho looks down at his dagger, asking in a haunting tone if it would kill her.


Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 3 Summary

And i love when miho with dong joo, too. Would you be so kind and please: That said, it still was unsatisfying.

It’s the same thing over and over. Mondays and Tuesdays at I have some spare. I know, you are going to say why should you do that. LBT October 5, at Dong-joo meets Dae-woong on a rooftop and feeds him the lie—if he takes the bead back, and fills it with the rest of his kiDong-joo will kill him at the end of the hundred days and return the bead to Mi-ho, saving her.