He says he is sincerely asking her this favor. However, Chang-shik and Bok-ja really love him as a son that Tae-hee also regards them and their real sons as family. How can I give away this farm? I want to put her back in the attic room but your mom kicks up a fuss so I cant so I say do as J wants. The mom is feeding the ducklings and praising them and tells them to eat up. Putting on so much sunscreen. J makes a run for it. Running Man game Show Episode

Also why did she dig thru his trash. The mom goes home and tells the dad that he will be having a grandson and the GM a great grandchild. Posted by Dana R at 9: That it just happened? J is putting sunscreen on her face and the mom asks what she is doing — did you come here to play? The mom is feeding the ducklings and praising them and tells them to eat up. I thought the ceiling was falling down. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Dad asks for the youngest opinion. Y has been in seoul since last week and is staying in a motel.

Y asks about TB —is it his baby? Not sure of this word mom: The mum continues saying that TB must like to work out cuz his shoulders are broad. TH says to TB in a stern voice: TB says he knows that too and that he will handle it.


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The mom is really happy. That it just happened? The mom says again she is not going to give J the farm and that her decision will be the same now or 6 months from now. Hidup mereka awalnya selalu tenang sampai suatu hari datang Baek Ja Eun, seorang gadis yang mengaku sebagai anak dari pemilik asli ladang Ojakgyo.

Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 4. Cant I have it? Even if the President of Korea came and told me to hand it over — I will never give it to him. TH backs TP and says the brothers drank a lot too. The dad and Y tell her not to be like this episodee the mom is screaming. The mom keeps looking back sinnopsis TB but SY is dragging her along. Why is that my fault? I can elisode my phone and the light is brighter here for sketching.

After he hangs up with his mom, he calls SY and says they have to meet and asks her to make some time. And I am so glad you are watching Okakkyo! I knew right when I saw her. Di drama ini Joowon kerena abis. TP agrees back then TB suffered a lot.

Ojakkyo Brothers E13 and E14

Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 6. Thanks a lot softy! My parents want to meet you once and hear what you think. JS drives TS home. TB is mortified and realizes the whole office is taking about what just happened.


JS guesses MS is acting jealous. Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. I am pretty sure this was the moment TB factored in how this whole scenario would play out for his unborn child.

Hey joonni, Haha- if you come for the comments, you might be disappointed cuz they are brief. The mom stares and becomes emotional as she says all this. Sigh how I wish she did speak that way….

She tells her mom to hurry and call cuz there is a lot of trouble is NY. During that time I stayed at a hotel cuz 31 knew you would react this way and I was going to stay like that till I got settled in but I came cuz I really have to tell you something unni. The mom gets a call her husband that she should come home right away cuz Y is home.

TH watches the dad look sad and go into his room.