There is one song ive been looking for quite some time somehow the downloads that u kindly link didnt have the song that i wanted badly. She enters the room, carrying a tray with a wine pitcher on it. Ming Yu is catching butterflies with a net, unaware of the two newcomers. Sambutannya tidak terlalu meriah dibanding dengan drama sejenis yang berjudul gong palace. MyDaily Korea in Korean. You are not my son.

She asks if he is really her friend. The tension runs high and Ming Hui is infuriated. In the next life, I will repay you a hundred fold. Manager wong tails zhang xiao as she helps deliver some packages to kang zhen tians office. The younger Gorolo sister derides the arrangement just as Ruo Lan steps forward to greet the first wife. Enter Email Address Here.

Her beloved family members are being shamed and stripped of any honor they once had. Email required Address never made public.

Yinsi knew that Yinzhen would not allow Ruoxi to leave and decided to intervene. Ming Hui asks to leave, claiming a slight illness.

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Ruo Xi is still kneeling by the altar even when it becomes nighttime. You have the answer in your heart. Previous Ste Bu Jing Xin: Kang use to be shep dancer. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. Yin Zheng also dinopsis to his mother that he was working together exch his uncle. Retrieved 1 April On a sidenote, I found a small mistake: Both 10th and 14th being confined while 9th and 8th dies from poison.


Ruo Xi is quite insightful when she points out that 4th makes sense, but is all he doing really for the sake of outwitting his enemies? Ruo Lan looks at in surprise at her excitement and Ruo Xi pauses, asking if she know how to ride. I would be happy. With military support from Longkodo and Nian Gengyao ; Yinzhen staged a coup and seized the throne from Yinti to become the Yongzheng Emperor.

I thought, that by being careful, I could exchange that for some peace. Mango TV in Chinese.

They all decide to go up together against murderous bandit kidnappers. Next In Time With You: He breaks the news that Ruo Xi is pregnant. Even if there was something wrong with me, what about Cheng Huan? Ruo Lan stands at the door, asking Qiao Hui not to be too flustered by a simple family meal. MyDaily Korea in Korean. She wonders if her experiences in the past were real or just a dream.

Morning comes, and Ruo Xi wonders what she should do next. It is the saddest episode yet. Ruo Xi catches the shuttlecock happily, pleased to find something she could play well. And for this argument: Both Rou Xi and Ming Yu screams. Ming Hui rebukes Ming Yu again, saying she would not like 8th being unhappy by her words.

I will not let 10th Prince suffer anymore. Sinopeis Hui pats his arm and they continue on their walk. Enter Email Address Here. Finally, Siyu catches up to the two. Ruo Xi continues to kneel there, so he orders her to get up. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog.


But I think 4th has the choice to end the cycle as well.

There is a small almost smile in his expression while Ruo Xi fidgets, shifting left to right before giving the slightest bob to acknowledge the prince. She pretends not to know what Ruo Xi is talking about.

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But, have you ever thought about Ruo Xi? More business shifts and the Yins end up with eacn most power in the company now. In a sing-song voice, she coos to the small creature offering food bribes and playtime before reaching out to hold it.

The three find the house in flames. As he continues to watch her, her movements slowly become more lady-like.

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I was surprised by your huge comment! You are not my son! He needs more time to process it before they perform the episodr.

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