All because Yoon-hee was the first ever to treat her as a woman with feelings and not as an object. I really hope there will be a Season. Which is why I understand Han-gyul’s angst to some degree. Angst less Sun-joon is perfect. Seo Hyo Rim Main Cast. And he already show how shock he really is by let Yoon Hee laying there, not doing anything after the big shock.

See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Park Geun Soo Supporting Cast. Morning comes, and our main couple begins the day bickering. He jumps a wall and loses the chasing guards, only to have the omniscient Gu Yong-ha show up and invite him to stay at his house to avoid getting caught. She gets caught by the upright Lee Sun-joon Park Yoo-chun , who later acknowledges Yoon-hee’s talents, and even encourages her to enroll in the university. Park Min Young Main Cast.

Period, romance, comedy Episode: See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Since they want to have fun in the water, he tosses them right in and keeps them paddling.

You can see the changes in Sun Joon when he is alone with Yoon Hee.

Han Yun Supporting Cast. Drama saeguk ini bersetting pada era Dinasti Joseon. Yoo Gun Shik Director: Yhee never makes any conscious effort to attract SJ. Yong-ha encounters the same. I haven’t seem the latest episodes yet, so maybe things will change The series attracted a fervent fanbase that belied its modest mid-teen ratings.

I thought at this point, Jae shin has scaneal of given up on yoon hee since he knows she only scandl eyes for sun joon. Use that energy instead to make her his.

And just because Red Pill said at one point that we ought to forget historicity to indulge our fantasies doesn’t mean that she really meant that. He’s relieved her career wont be burdened by his love.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Aw, this brings back memories Choi Dong Joon Supporting Cast. TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode The answer is revealed and Sun-joon is the winner, and the headmaster is thrilled.

Jae shin read all the books. When she realizes that there is good money to be made, Yoon Hee begins to take the entrance exams in the place of other students who want to get into the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University.

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If it being Joseon era and all that goes along with that explains his reaction, sungkyunkwqn why was Yoonhee worried about telling him the truth in the previous episode? Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. Alexie October 29, at 7: The Poet Warrior Youth Ms.

I got lost on this comment.

I’ve also had a sneaking suspicion that Jae-shin is a covert genius ahh could I sumgkyunkwan him more???

I wish more skinship with Jaesin and Yoonhee. Do you want me to show you again or something?! Seoul International Drama Awards – Archive. But if I had to pair her up with someone, it’d be Jaeshin – they could be a pair of crime-fighting, justice-bringing lovers!

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 1-20 (Final)

Sunkgyunkwan main reason why I do not like the way the drama resolve the “gender discovery” was because that was the “Easy Out”, we already know svandal the reason “Crazy Horse” have been so adamant about protective of Yoon-hee is not necessarily because he has “Fallen in love” with her is because she is in Grave mortal danger, so instead of Sunjoon overreacting and showing any anger,disappointment, or bewilderment because his “HomeBoy” is a she he just quietly sczndal that as a “Non Issue”, I do not know about you but logic dictates that something more pressing than his reaction was called for, so the way the drama people solve the problem was by using the fact that if she is discovered as a woman impersonating a man at University she is in mortal danger, I just hope that the drama would have used a different angle since that premised is a given since the beginning!!!!!!


Xungkyunkwan the marketplace, Jae-shin stalks Cho-sun, but she catches on. However, that doesn’t mean that they condoned it either.

He usually flatters, but this time, he reveals all that is unpretty about her. I don’t want Sun-joon shows same level of angst like han-gyul, so it’s really good that he actually relieves that Yoon-hee is a girl.

Im Young Pil Supporting Cast. I have to admit, I used to think we were in for the male hissy-fit of the century, but I think the reaction now makes sense. Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast.

Plus, at the time. I think the Coffee Prince situation was different in the sense that Eun Chan had already started a relationship with Han Gyul without revealing that she was a woman. And yes, I too believe, he’s the smartest one!

AND the whole “where will Yoonhee sleep” scene had me rolling. To pay for his medication, I transcribed some medical books, and the physician found me more work with the bookshop owner Hwang.