I thought the same thing when I was watching it. Thanks for the awesome recap GF. Feeling uneasy, Yong-ha joins them, looking for Yoon-hee. Lee In Supporting Cast. Joo Ah Sung Supporting Cast. My guess about those hats is What can I say?

I don’t know Eight Days. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Download the latest version here. I’m missing them already SKKS after party: That’s the nature of the internet and blog commentary. Why is it so hot in here?

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Ever the smart one, this kid. It literally slays me. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Do you really want to get caught by the King, you pathetic old windbag?

Please tell me someone is doing a fanfiction. Yeongjo may have done this to spare Jeongjo of any potential challenges to his legitimacy as Sado’s son, when there continued to remain debates as to Sado’s criminality.

Episode 18

Your comments are truly spot on!! T I need to stash more kleenex besides my coach. Planning to do that after a month or so when, hopefully, I start forgetting scenes. Always follow the money.

Just last night I was thinking how pitiful it was that the United States abolished slavery before Joseon had and what sort of lasting cultural imprint it has on Korea. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Interestingly, they never worked that into the episode itself. I’m guessing that it would be possible if she helped out Guh-Ro with his fighting at the end of this episode or if she acted as a witness before the King about his official’s dirty dealings.


I want to thank you firstly for such beautiful written response, and Episore do not mean it as a sarcastic remark!!!!! PMY is ridiculously pretty albeit with much thanks to eisode in modern medicine, cough cough in real life. The love scenes are adorble! Pada masa pemerintahan Raja Jeongjo.

Period, romance, comedy Episodes: Sorry for my misspelled words English is not my first language, but I admit that should not be an excuse!!!!!

I’m just a bit confused The prior memoirs all had different agendas: That aside, can I just point out sungkyunkwxn every time she comes onto the screen in her gisaeng attire, everyone else washes out of the screen for me.

I’m keeping my eyes close to other comments just in case there are potential spoilers!

I though SJ’s initial reaction to finding out that his father, whom he had so much faith in, may have been sinopsiz mastermind was pretty close to a nonreaction. Is there anything I liked about this episode?


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SKKSfan November 4, at 4: This show was good till the last drop! He reminds her of what happened at the library, batting his eyelids for added effect. Outside, Jae-shin is fighting way too many guards who are all armed. Song Joong ki arrives first.

Usually it’s all about the girl, but SJ includes JS! Sorry GF, I forgot to thank you for your hard work!!!!!!! And we’re talking not just removal of key politicians from office or even barring of all Noron from civil service and effectively yangban sugkyunkwan.

I am actually that desperate for more.