After Jung-tae stays up another whole night just practicing and learning, Old Man Fly wakes up to hang a funny lantern: Ok is constantly need the assurance form JT and constantly tell JT what she want him to do. I think overall it was a pretty good episode, I’m happy they brought Hyun Jae’s story back. Like DUDE, if you ask her like that, she’s totally gonna stay a guy for the rest of her life. Tae-joon learns that nicety can only get you so far and Jae-hee realizes that perhaps she can still be useful after all. And her stylist should be fired! I don’t think it’s just Sulli who does or does not act well, it’s her character that is hard to act out in a good way.

Still the best part of all this is Eungul and Hyunjae. I bet in the manga series it’s even more brutal in there. Hmm, yes, how about the adventures of Mo Il Hwa and his faithful lackey as they wander the lands of China, encountering, fighting and recruiting the strongest of the land as they rebuild their forces in preparation for taking revenge on Ilgookhwe? But that’s just me. Man, this really is a grand opening for a club that was never really closed. She really really can’t act. I could watch hot guys fight for no good reason forever. I generally don’t mind the Japanese fighting drama.

I definitely agree EG’s the gutsier guy but TJ is also so cute.

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This show is duper cute right, but it does an wonderful job of getting on my nerves. Oh and I am going to refer to him as Min Hot-jae from now on. I have no plans to watch this drama but I always wait for the recaps. Damn fine young man. He has more tension with Gaya with just one look than with Ok ryun. I also don’t get how he thinks not going to Canada and jumping like she wanted him to is a show of how special she is to him. Can we have a Mo Il-hwa drama?


Me too dina,I wish they team up!!! The moral of the myth during that time was that it is very unwise not to side with a deity during judgment. Why is there an attraction between Jae-hwa and Doctor Jung?

I saw some comment about what war Shinichi and Aoki talking about. For now, we wait. Turns out Hanna was just trying to reach the photo that slipped out of her fingers and then Seung-ri starts bleeding through his ruptured stitches. Yay for more Hyun-jae! Good news for Eun-gyul. When he was fighting the police in an thd episode, even the police horse looked bored. Then why not sing an arirang?

Never mind the blatant anachronism. Love this guy very much So Midas had no choice but to let the barber see them, but not without swearing the poor man to secrecy.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: During WWI, France was pretty much the war front. Sometimes a little shallowness is called for I think Gaya’s father fell in love with Gaya’s beautifl who got beaytiful by her own father or someone in the IIgwohwa Around toafter the Russia Revolution, the White Russia refugee escaped to shanghai.


It’s not like Hanna just decided rhythmic gymnastic wasn’t for her one day.

Age of Feeling: Episode 16 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Mama J September 24, at 1: I also thought the talk she had with Partt mean Han-na was nice. Why does she need to go back to the US?

Jeannette September 24, at 5: And I always like KHJ. But, as dramagods will have it, we’re 8 laps away from the finishing line, but the show is limping on the sidelines. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is aslan to play this audio clip. Just as it was on the pre writer change, side characters were treated with such delicate attention and I loved it. This is my first-ever DB comment, haha!

Mama J September 24, at I should drink some water. Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now.

She totally doesn’t look like she’s a good runner. But suddenly he’s just gonna whip off the shirt and start wooing her with his awesome bod? I think the main cause of the disinterest and divide amongst the respective shippers is that one side is expecting conflict and from the conflict, romance flourishes whilst on the other hand, some people expect a grounded love which grows from the small and mundane, everyday life interactions beautifil a couple rather than life and death circumstances.