Perhaps this is why Lynch uses the color blue to symbolize fundamental transitions in Diane’s inner and external reality. Furthermore, Rita’s mystery gives Betty a chance to connect with her goal of becoming a star in more ways than one. Diane had a friend who was a neighbor named L. But more subtly Lynch is also dissecting for us the inner dynamics of the fall that the main character experienced. On a less consequential note, I believe that Lynch has also been successful at including a more subtle tribute to other well known characters of Oz. Why is this feminine jouissance? Problem is, in Zizek’s desire, everything and everyone else is rationalised into his desire. Next, in a cloud of smoke the magician vanishes.

Kvantna teorija i atomska fizika nam daje odgovor. He discovers a terrible infidelity. Diane is a Hollywood wannabe who fell in love with another aspiring starlet. Camilla got good reviews for her sexy portrayal in “The Silva North Story,” and was eventually offered starring roles in other low budget movies. As I alluded to before, there is a red-light district connotation to the red lampshade that I believe is meant to indicate a situation involving prostitution, with a telephone being present to further explain that the context is a call girl business. Diane’s grandparents have a cheerful pretense in the beginning of her fantasy but they are soon shown as ominous figures whom she quickly separates from before even leaving the airport.

Getting the part meant everything to Diane since it had a connection to her own life story. Black is not always used simply to temper vokumentarni color red or the color pink.


Near the beginning of the movie, when Betty is leaving the airport, she has blue lage. Tragedy struck as Mulholland sought to bring into the city more and more water.

Even the Cowboy, Mr. The hit man told her that when the deed was done he would leave a blue key for her somewhere in an alley behind the diner, since this is where the contract on Camilla’s life was arranged. Zizek is extremely prolific but all his books and this film say the same thing. But fiom transitions do not get completed at the club. The blue key was the secret token that would be left for Diane to find, probably behind the Winkie’s, when the deed was done.

One part of her is full of life, while another part of her is focused on death. Whether or not Mulholland was at fault for the collapse is still under dispute, but he took full responsibility saying, “If there is an error of human sigijus, I am the human.


dokumentarni film sirius sa prevodom

In their opening scene they enter a conference room with moody attitude and one of them, Vincenzo, quickly gets into a staring down contest with Adam, another central character in the movie. And there are scores of other symbols as well. It’s doku,entarni there, the evidence of the parents being dead, the grandparents being abusive, the aunt being the only positive family relationship Diane remembers, the importance of the Jitterbug contest, the move dokumdntarni Hollywood with the aunt’s money, the money running out while the creditors were coming after her, the movement into becoming a call girl prostitute, the last hope of stardom with the audition for The Sylvia North Fil, the disappointment after losing the part, the renewed hope that Camilla would help her reclaim her dream, the obsession with Camilla that followed, Camilla’s focus on self promotion, Camilla’s exploitation of Diane, Diane’s pact with the hit man, Diane’s inability to cope after the hit has been done, Diane’s last hope in a flight to a world of fantasy, Diane’s surrendering to the harsh reality of the flashbacks, and finally Diane’s last confrontation with the demon’s that her grandparents had become to her.

One part of her came to Hollywood to become an actress. In Lynch’s film we have a similar but darker use of this device in the characterizations of the Cowboy, Mr. That young woman died at the age of 22, at about a week from the day one year after David Lynch was born.

I believe that this lage is there to represent Diane’s transition into this surreal fantasy because the lage is blue and it represents a container just like the blue box that will transition her out of her fantasy much later. Anderson, in the prosthetic body of Mr. So, since Dan was afraid of finding something behind the Winkie’s, then the key that the hit dokumentadni left for Diane was most likely found behind the Winkie’s.

However, somewhere deep inside Diane’s mind there is the desire to bring back this innocent persona, because it is seen as the key to survival for the suicidal Diane.

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A documentary about the life of Dr. This is simply what they are.

So, when Rita opens up the box and sees nothingness, she seems to be sucked into it. Francis Dam was one of the dams he had fiom for this purpose, but it collapsed in killing almost people in the resulting flood.


As Zizek seems to believe, they may even serve as a proof.

But all three of these rationales for Betty’s existence are now falling apart. Zizek’s star burns brightly at the moment, no doubt because we generally view films sjrijus pop culture purely as entertainment for our consumption.

The two older people in that scene, who I believe represent memories of Diane’s sirjius, enter the fantasy with Betty, but they are quickly transitioned out of the fantasy with a different blue transitional object.

Diane could not help but feel jealous about this, but she was hopeful that her relationship with Camilla would survive. Soon after the breakup, Camilla tried to repair the friendship for reasons that were not entirely clear to Diane.


His most uncharitable critics will tell you that he sirjius decided not to resolve everything. Most notably because of the parallels involved is the film “Blue Velvet. She says to Rita, “It’ll be just like in the movies. However, after the two of them become involved with one another, at some point Diane is jilted and humiliated by this woman, and so she hires a hit man to murder her estranged lover.

Because of the fact that the fantasy occurs before the reality segment, the two may seem distinct, but you need to see the end to understand the beginning.

So it seems impressive when someone – anyone – comes along and says, “Hang on, films may say something about ourselves. These different connections work together to help us understand the movie’s internal structure.

Although unhappy about this, Diane would do anything to be in a movie and she would also do anything for Camilla. Both the mother and father of Diane Selwyn died when she was very young, so she went to live with her grandparents.

She even gets fixated on the face of a man who appeared to be a customer at the cash register. And not if you take seriously the name of the street on which this complex is found: Then the magician relaxes with an evil grin on his face, as Betty also relaxes finally, looking unsure of what just happened. And there is even a parallel for Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.