Cook and Effy are in self-imposed exile: Man Down Series Nick is the star of the school and on the surface he seems to have everything. But then I watched the second episode, about Cassie the anorexic, and was hooked. Toast of London Series Strong language throughout, violence and sexual scenes This episode is subtitled 46 mins. Liv and Nick witness this and are confused by Alex’s behaviour, as he immediately is very apologetic to Alo before rushing off. Edit Did You Know?

Strong language throughout and some violence This episode is subtitled 45 mins. His father tells Alex to finish and leaves. Come Dine with Me Series But help comes in unlikely forms, and out of the darkness a new friendship is born. Sid tries to leave, but Tony holds him back, making Sid watch while Tony steals the girl right out from under him. Shameless Box Set Series The gang question Alex about the body and he explains that she didn’t want to go where others wanted her and pleads the others to help bury her at sea.

Unable to study and cut off from her friends, she’s drawn to Luke. Time’s up for Tony; Michelle’s had enough. Alternate Versions Due to licensing issues, the DVDs and international broadcastings of the first three seasons have a very different soundtrack.

Sid Jenkins 19 episodes, April Pearson By clicking ‘Register me now’ you confirm your date of birth is as entered, you accept the Terms and Conditions and Channel 4’s use of cookies as set out in our Cookies Policyand you have read our Privacy Policy. Cook and Effy are in self-imposed exile: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Cassie and Sid are back together, Chris is on the mend, Michelle and Tony are back with each other and A-level exams are finally over. Star Stories Series But a chance meeting with Effy and Pandora puts him right. Cassie, an anorexic basket-case, is in love with Sid, who overlooks her time and time again. Naomi Campbell 19 episodes, Will Merrick Smack the Pony Series Then Matty gets in touch – he’s still in love with Franky and needs Nick’s help to get him out of Morocco and back to Bristol.

Trick or Treat Series The IT Crowd Series Grand Designs Revisited Series Strong language, violence, drug use and sexual scenes This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

Start your free trial. Alex rushes out of the pub to answer a phone call that turns out to be his father. Watch Now on Prime Video. At the concert, Tony and Abigail share a scripted kiss scene, upsetting Michelle as Tony seems a bit too into it.

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Michelle and Sid burst backstage where Michelle finds Tony with his hand up Abigail’s shirt. Grace Violet 14 episodes, Merveille Lukeba Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school.

Educating Yorkshire Box Set Series 1.


Seriee an entire A level history class can’t get deported from Russia, can they? Strong language throughout, violence and sexual scenes This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

A group of young offenders doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers. Magnifica 70 Series 1.

Skins Box Set (1-4)

Sugar Rush Series Ignoring advice from her mum and Liv, she seeks refuge with her dad. Man Down Series In serirs first episode of the final run, Effy has a dead end job as a receptionist for a London hedge fund, embarks on an affair with her wealthy boss and stumbles across crucial financial information.

Sid separates Michelle and the chavs, but Michelle believes Sid must s,ins known about Tony’s plans and slaps him. Cook has a job delivering drugs to Manchester revellers. Very strong language, skinss use and some violence This episode is subtitled 45 mins. Tensions transpire regarding Jal’s pregnancy and Cassie leaves the country for the States Fed up of trying to get back to the fun times they used to have, he attempts to get over Mini by hooking up with a new girl, Poppy Champion.