He’s gonna get us! The audience is supposed to feel scared of tooth decay. So hot in the face. We’ve been walking for hours. The pudding spilling all over the abbey as the Princess is lifted up. For crying out loud!

This is indeed a horrible day for Canada and the rest of the world. Together we work to keep the bad guy away. What do you mean? He and Quaid are playing in the snow at Halloween when Randy Marsh scares them off, and he later attacks them when they’re watching Halloween IV: I want you all to take a serious fucking look at yourselves. Hello there, my noble, strong, fellow Canadian.

The Princess now knighting sir Ike Broflovski.

They can lead us to the beast, but we will have to destroy it. What will I do? Had to move to the US. All bureaus are confirming it. Edit Did You Know? Dull Princess is gone for good. Retrieved 19 May Hello there, my noble, strong, fellow Canadian. During rehearsals Mackey consistently loses his temper with the children for singing flat or without feeling, directing his most scathing remarks at Kyle, and reveals that the play means a great deal to him because Tooth Decay killed his father.


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Eventually, after the monster hurls Scott and the Inuit woman across the room, Ike turns Tooth Decay to stone by exposing Ugly Bob’s face to him. Or you opened it and are watching this without being told to, in which case you are a dick. And so, I want you to know, once and for all, why this whole dental hygiene thing is so important to me.

Filmore can be found at the South Park Bank. The Princess has been kidnapped, and we believe this to be the work of the giant! It’s coming for me!

The Princess now giving the medal of courage to ugly Bob. We did all we could. If you’ve been ordered to open your box of faith, one or more of aprk royal family must be in peril. A bright beam of light shooting through the ceiling. How are you going to fix this?

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In the game it implies that a quick walk in the woods will get you to the Canadian border. It was deemed “pointedly silly”, “polarizing”, and hence “bound to be divisive”.

People all over Canada kill themselves out of despair for the princess’ abduction and a candlelight vigil is held where Rush performs a version of Candle in the Wind. There’s the Queen of Canada in z15e03. You just go home and sort yourself out. Welcome to the all new southpark.


I would never harm the royal family! Two years ago, I lost my father to tooth decay. A location beacon, a first aid kit and a sandwich. Yes No Report this. Those who want to see an episode that focuses on all four boys, particularly Cartman, will be disappointed.

Canada is in mourning, as nationwide suicides abound. In fifteen fucking minutes, you won’t care about this anymore, so I’ll just say what I need to say. They look on in horror.

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Inside the abbey, everyone waiting with anticipation. Go on home, kids.

It wants to kill me!