Bucky Alder former actor. Tata Trudi vient passer quelques jours chez les Clark. Lee, Marc and Tony are called by Jerry and told that someone has hacked into the system. Il est enfin temps de se reposer! De plus, Tami fait partie des victimes! This episode was reference of the American television series CSI: Le responsable n’est autre que Jimmy le champion du monde de ce jeu qui souhaite garder sa place. Pendant la mission, Lee est englouti sous l’eau.

Ne lui faisant pas confiance Jerry fait suivre Larry. Tata Trudi vient passer quelques jours chez les Clark. The Spiez save their parents and stop the ship from crashing into an oil rig. This episode is very similar to the “Attack of 50 Ft. Et qui en est l’auteur? Sherry first appeared in Mission No. Also, first time we see all the Clarks as evil.

In the B-story, Lee gets a job at Siber Smoothie and has to create his own smoothie. The Chaos Twins Alpha and Omega. Someone has been breaking in and destroying labs of a company called Techammer. Tony wants to go to the factory of the superspy Flakes, to see how they make them, he is the last kid to receive the special ring.

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This villain also appeared in the first two seasons of Totally Spies! Dans l’intrigue secondaire, Lee veut montrer qu’il est grand et qu’il n’a pas besoin de baby-sitter.

Around the end you can see a picture of the knowledge-stealing machine from the “evil roommate” episode from Totally Spies and during the ride to the first victim’s home, Lee explains that that was the victim’s house, but Marc’s voice is coming out of Lee’s mouth. Later, Lee gets annoyed when he is put under supervision of a babysitter, although he is A mysterious object lands in the desert.

Tami becomes the president of his fan club. Ils sont maintenant dans un laboratoire de clonage afin de cloner leurs corps et esprit d’espions: Also, first time we see all the Clarks as evil. Marc is out to prove that Virtual Virgil does not know everything.


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In the B-story, Tony wants to join the choir. While spying in the room of one of the “victims”, Tony finds adventure cards that are supposedly a special edition.

In the B-story Tami becomes best friends with the Clarks after they save her and her new sweater, but ends up causing more trouble for them as a friend than she ever did as an enemy. At the end of the episode it has a close-up of Marc’s siblings before he dives, there is another Marc standing next to them when Marc is on the diving board.

In the B-story, Lee has to sell juice to get a new basketball uniform not knowing he is secretly selling Mel’s juice. The Clark boys round up a villain, but they do not let Megan help. De plus, Tami fait partie des victimes! Lee, Megan, Marc and Tony were in the middle of their mission when two Clarks disappeared. Meanwhile, the Clark boys are acting crazy about Tami after admiring her Sunrise Tanned skin. Noel’s Last Stand” [2]. Development The series was first inspired to make a spy show but for Family and Kids also a series wanted something similar to Totally Spies!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When he is in the factory, Flaky brainwashes him and the other kids to take down the competition. Megan complains about their outdated suits and gets to try a new prototype suit. The actor is kidnapped and the Spiez rescue him. In the B-story, Tony hits his head causing him to think he is the superhero: Retrieved from ” https: Back in by LakeSail reviews Sam, Clover and Alex were in the middle of a mission when a purple light brings two of the Clarks back to the past.


Since Septemberit premiered on weekdays at 6am and In the end all six Clarks are captured, and the four kids are sent into space. Certain places have reported attacks by strange creatures. The Series was premiered and broadcast originally on Teletoon in Canada.

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In the B-story, Tony wants a pet of his own. Retrieved 29 September Even though the mission isthis is the first time they meet Davey. After finishing up a mission, the kids try to return home, only to be detained by answering a distress call from a mysterious island.

Dans l’intrigue secondaire, Tony souhaite devenir plus fort epiaode va suivre les conseils de Jerry. Eventually they manage to stop Jerry 2. Le responsable n’est autre que Jimmy le champion du monde de ce jeu qui souhaite garder sa place.

Later, Megan goes missing after getting her new skateboard that she will use to show her brothers that she can skate. She drains the knowledge of the celebrities, including Marc, and uses it to get revenge on Jerry for being a goodie two-shoes brother and to take over WOOHP. Comment ajouter mes sources?

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After doing so Marc worries about the upcoming Science Fair Project that he is creating—a robot. Elle suit les espions avec son appareil et prend des photos lors de leurs missions. She brags about being a great actress. The landing crash pad chair gets replaced by a pink bean bag chair.