Episode 5 Eng Sub – http: Other than that, did this whole thing about getting past Natsuki really need a whole episode, especially when it seems like the next episode will be more or less the same, except getting past that new woman instead? What a stupid reason for fanservice. Strike the Blood II. What about ep 6? The cringeworthy catchphrase made its inevitable return, surprise surprise.

Finally we get an eng sub release! Can’t believe I waited this long for the subs to come out. Only maybe on Kanase’s scene where she removed her clothes and bra just to let Kujou suck her blood. How long do I have to wait the next episode to be subbed? Kiriha actually proves herself to be a useful ally in this There was this priestess of Cain thing mentioned regarding Asagi. I will say having that lady from the LKO show up was kind of abrupt and unexpected.

Seeing an adult version of Natsuki-chan animated from Vol. I can’t find them anywhere. Too easy going if u ask me.

Who was subbing this? Is it like not possible to have a fight including the both of them without that line? Not that I am complaining. Also, we got official confirmation that Kojou really has the hots for Natsuki-sensei.

I got my episode from Hatsuyuki-Kaitou syrike morning.

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But most likely it’s just because vampires are always sexy. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. To make us read the novels? Grown up Natsuki in the black lingerie was a nice treat too. Best part of the episode was when they show Natsuki-chan in adult body. Strike the Blood II. Only maybe on Kanase’s scene etrike she removed her clothes and bra just to let Kujou suck her blood.


Natsuki, so she had to try harder. If I was Kojou I’d hug and kiss her.

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He can’t suck the blood unless the girl undresses, lame. Pretty much expected Kojou to suck Kanase’s blood but she didn’t really needed episodd remove all her clothing though. Kiriha actually proves herself to be a useful ally in this Liked it how she teased Kojou.

Funny when he thought Natsuki would let him drink her blood. I’m interested to see how it all turns out, particularly with Kojou’s lost memories. He got one of those lewd moments with Kanon at least. A glowing Yukina is BBCode “The only way I could possibly die is by being bored to death.

That’s why it works like sex – the guy has to get hard before he can do the deed, and it feels good. Is it just me or does Kujou feels more angry this episode? Tried gogoanime amd chia anime and some more but couldn’t find a website where these episodes have been uploaded. And I wonder what his father knows exactly about all this But syrike did not get adapted to this OVA for some reason.


Strike the Blood II Episode 5 Discussion

But the fact that koujo doesn’t get angery but always ends up in an ecchi moment somehow makes tbe feel bad. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. She can hack anything from Itogami Island if needed. Looking forward to the next arc.

Since episodes come out on DVDs in pairs, we can expect the next episode soon. Probably the best episode from season 2. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

Seeing Natsuki-chan in this episode was great but seeing her adult version was even better. According to the rumors, there is.

P I wish I had magic glasses that let me see real world in anime colors. Tje Natsuki in adult-ish appearance is really beautiful, though that breast a little too big Can’t believe I waited this long for the subs to come out. This is now my fight Yukina: I do wonder if Nina lost or if Natsuki just teleported away?

Quite fine, quite fine indeed. Blood drinking is a metaphor for sex. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: