But I ask for my money back and went to ebuyer and bought original. Finally, does this thing only work with individual files? Jan 28, at 6: This is a great value little box which serves us very well indeed. But if you own any nedia file older than that involves advanced AVI or MP4, you can forget trying to convert it so that it plays on the Micro. Don’t update to firmware version 1. I had this trouble with dvdrip files — I changed the file name and it seemed to work. I have plugged it all in using the cable that came with the media player and my tv just stays blank.

Mar 30, at 8: I’m sure there are other flaws also. I have tried different formats and made sure there is plenty of space on the usb. I tested an AVI — no go, because i dont have the option of converting it to xvid or divx I tried an mp4 but that didnt work either. Basically, this tiny box of tricks takes a memory card or USB 2. Hi guys, Had one of these for about a week now, and obviously would like a few answers to burning questions, in order really to stop me spending hours seeing if what I want is possible.

Hi I also had the TurnMeOn2 model and like most other people I’ve also sent this back, by the way Tommy how long does a refund from Dealtastic take?

Not sure why this design change would have been made… Good luck! May 18, Messages: I have tried virtual dub and xilisoft media conveter, but it makes a huge file which the player won’t play the whole way through, any qont would be greatly appreciate.

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 Multi Media Player MKV HDMI

Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. Don’t update to firmware version 1. The front page of the site still says: Summary This post covers some of the more common issues that might be experienced when working with the Sumvision Cyclone Micro.


Mar 29, at 5: Hi, I picked one of these up, mofies on Saturday to find that some VOBs I had, despite being in the same format and stuff, would simply not display while others would. Would the Cyclone Micro support it? All in all a very cheap and effective media player. I even thought it might be my tv at one point, not at all!!!

I have noticed a few. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Brought this for my in-laws to share various media files with them via usb keys and a 1TB external hard drive NTFS format.

Ad revenue helps towards the hosting costs for the site. Works if you are 2 feet away and pointing it directly but anything greater than a 15 degree angle and you will be pressing the buttons several times to get it to work. Hi I have just received one of these little boxes. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment.

Miro the image by mounting it with hdid filename. Maybe FAT formats would also work, but Mac users should check before buying. Perhaps the user manual is on the mini cd that came with it?

The picture quality is very good and audio sounds great thru 5: Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 Multi Media Player MKV HDMI When i click on the folder where i know there are some avi files it cyclons no media found, as avi is one of the basic file types i’m surprised it is struggling to play these, anyone have any ideas what the problem may be.

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Fossil12Nov 22, Mar 30, at 7: Reason I say this is I have seen firmware files, and even stuck one on the root of the stick, but there is no way that I can see how to actually update the firmware on version 1, and I actually have 3.


Can you explain in Leyman terms too!!! suvmision

Hi guys, Had one of these for about a week now, and obviously would like a few answers to burning questions, in order really to stop mixro spending simvision seeing if what I want is possible. I guess it depends if the file is H. Yes, my password is: May 30, Messages: Any help would be great.

Bargain for the money. Only has a scart connection so was going to use the composite cable and connect to my external hard drive which has all the films on.

Sumvision Cyclone Micro: some advice for using this inexpensive media player –

I micfo it off and tried my portable HD and it doesn’t freeze the player but it just shows my files and stuff no movies or music, except for the one movie. Now it will work from 20 feet away, and I can read the keys!

Hi mark, I bough the cyclone micro 2, it works great apart from when I use the remote it changes the tv channels, if I bough a One for all remote would this work or should I just send mobies back.

ISOs is faster than transcoding them, and it seems to work a treat.

Nov 22, Messages: I have had my 2TB sumvision cyclone for just over 12 months and just this week when I try to power on I get a flashing red light, any ideas why or how to resolve please?