Kunti reminds her that she gave birth to a child on the day of her coming of age or attaining menarche. Jarasandha is upset because he cannot chase a fleeing warrior and hence cannot fulfill the promise to her daughters. If Arjuna could fight only with those belonging to royal family, he would crown Karna that very instant, and with permission from Dhritarashtra crowns him as the king of Anga. Four generations have passed after the Kurukshetra war between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Pritha was his daughter thus she is aunt to Krishna. Mahabharatham Episode 6 Since he was childless, Sura gave his daughter Pritha in adoption to him. Apart from the courtiers, the entire population of Hastinapura has assembled to witness the grand spectacle.

Sage Vyasa explains that demonic women deliver soon after conception and the offspring grow much more faster than those of normal humans. Isn’t it my duty to clear their doubt? Each of Devaki’s children would be loudly heralding Lord’s forthcoming arrival and act as a reminder for Kamsa. Mahabharatham Episode 12 Scene 1 An apparition or phantom appears before Jarasandha, father-in-law of Krishna, and tells him that both share the same asuric demon-like nature, Jarasandha, by nature, and he, by birth. Write about the diseases, about their causes and also about the steps to prevent them. And administration should treat it as important. Queen Satyavati is pacing up and down, looking at the embalmed body of her son.

Mahabharatham Episode 16 But that is where Bhagavata Gita originated! Sun TV Mahabharatham Episode 21 Isn’t it my duty to clear their doubt?


You must remind Devaki and Vasudeva about mahabhagatham duties. You are interested in marriageisn’t it?

eposode Yes, you have to write about them as well! Though angry, Yudhishtra is conscious of their weaker position in terms of numbers, and decides not to exhibit their fears but act as though everything is normal.

Dhritarastra knows about the religious scriptures and tradition. You know that very well. Satyavati and Bhishma are painfully aware of Dhritarashtra’s avarice.

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You know the scriptures well. He effectively protects the king and the crowd disperses. Now that everybody comes to know who his father is, Arjuna is derisive, but Duryodhana gives back a fitting reply.

Duryodhana says Karna is a brave warrior and that alone should be the criterion for judging his worth. Scene 3 Episoed is brooding over Pandu’s words before he left for forests.

Tuesday, 12 November There is no need for that. Each of the princes arrive in pomp and style and are greeted by the public warmly.

And the prince of Gandhara must speak only when asked by the king. Kamsa’s father only to the external world. Scene 1 Karna asks for a chance to demonstrate his dexterity in archery which he says will surpass that of Arjuna. If we think in a certain way, the gods think in a diametrically opposite way — this is the maxim we have always heard.

Satyavati swoons on hearing the shocking news. Ambalika’s face had turned sallow and hence her son would have short life. It epixode monarchical form of government not people’s republic that governs Hastinapur.


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Scene 1 This is the continuation of one of the scenes in the previous episode. On hearing the news of the birth of the oldest heir to the Hastinapur throne, Sage Vyasa, Queen Satyavati and Ambalika rejoice, but Dhritarashtra stomps out in anger. He episide be prepared to sacrifice his own interests and those of his family for suun sake of the country.

And Jarasandha had taken a vow to kill Krishna. Then she resolutely walks out.

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I tried to call an attendant to pick up the pearls, but the prince made me pick them up myself. Vidura shakes his finger at episoce and warns her she ought to realize that he was from the royal family of Hastinapura and that she should find someone more worthy of her.

Scene 1 At Ekachakrapura, we see a woman crying as guards take away her son.

The courtiers and the common citizens are singing his glory. That which destroys the forests and protects one from cold does not hurt the mountain rat.