Yoon Hee arrives at the gisang house, and asks to see Cho Sun. Kim Yoon-hee 20 episodes, Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Now In-soo gets up and says that Sungkyunkwan is where they prepare for their advancements, and learn how to bring order to society. Perhaps, if the interest in this show keeps up it would turn into mania drama? No word can convey i actually.

He shoves Yoon Hee down the hill to get her away and runs off, the officers giving pursuit to him. After all, this is not a documentary. Unsurprisingly, the Yoon Hee in the paladin is actually Yoon Shik, and the real Yoon Hee has barely made it to the exam site. I wish he was in this more. I’m loving every minute of it. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Thank you for your recap. Go-bong lets slip that Sun-joon specifically asked to be sent to the East Wing dormitory.

Jae Shin looks great only with long hair and Sun Joon have a awesome personality. Even though I catched the feeling of HanaKimi, I didn’t make the link between the two doctors!

All part of the comedy. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Does she have a particular reason she needs a single room? Again, her wit has gotten the better of her, as her answer is a cleverly worded admission of her intent to cheat.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 2 Recap

D I think there may be reczp brawl over that sleeping spot. Yoon-hee queries with her voice full of passion and tightly held rage. It does feel olden ages. In fact, he looks like he just ate a piece of dog poop. Then he rejects any special treatment forthwith.


There goes his perfect image. He may not intend to rely on his position, but it shrouds him like a protective cocoon. I totally made the shot of him first sitting up my desktop!

Ah the multitudes of uses for the wrist grab! But Yoon-hee would rather go to Sungkyunkwan and with her own two hands heal her brother rather than sell herself to the War Minister for a hundred nyang.

The other students clamor that the magic tricks are great fun while Sun-joon stays a stick in the mud. Prostitute her brains, or her body? So far, I like all the characters, I like all the actors, and I wholeheartedly love the story.

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Ah, how good to see you, Yoo Ah In! You are commenting using your Twitter account. And then, Yoon-hee challenges him about the social gap between the high-borns and the low-borns. Yong-ha is still concerned about Jae-shin, but this time for a different reason. I confess I have not been as sungkyunkwwn as I should, but I’d like to think that I was polite about it Darn it, I mean thumbs.

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Later on, I start to really like Jae-shin Love that the main girl is intelligent and the lead guy is so righteous. We all know what THAT means. Anyways, Yongha seems to be a bridge between the noron and soron citizens.

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I usually don’t like my men looking like that either big turn off for me but some of his scenes in that drama the camera did catch his masculine looking side and i had to admit he was sexy but in this one recxp with the little beard and mustache he is off the 22 damn sexy. The world represented by the chamber pot no longer exists; in fact, a teacher is as useless as the pot. Omg omg omg thank you thank you for the recap!!


Yeah, diplomacy is a scary thing and yet a necessity in life! I think with every episode, the series and characters are growing on me. Gingerella August 24, at 8: She tells him to stop and then asks for her money. Overwhelmed with how far she is in over her head, Yoon-hee falls to his feet in an almost-faint, then coughs loudly, claiming that s he is sick and dormitory life too hard.

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I’m with you, Song Joong Ki is so fun to watch. I ecandal great feeling and smile bright when watch this drama. Rachael September 15, at 7: Is Jae-shin feeling newfound respect for Sun-joon? He wants to make sure Sun Joon is cut down to size.