Interestingly, they never worked that into the episode itself. In exchange for getting the Quartet involved, Professor Jung extracts a promise from the king: It is their word against the words of whomever wants them destroyed. Red Pill i’m glad you spoke up about the bickering that is going on because it does spoil and take away from the discussion of this show. Love sungkyunkwan scandal so muchhh I share the same feeling with you. BUT they are both sexy, wounded beasts and if they have palpable chemistry then I say yes!

I have never, and I mean NEVER, been so far into the 2nd lead’s camp that this is a new experience for me and I am pretty sure I might die when he ends up alone. I wonder if both of them can get any sleep that night. Geol Oh is getting slashed and you’re having a staring contest with YoonHee and hugging!! My baby Jaeshin doesn’t deserve this! Then I needed you. That is why Red Pill pointed out that this time, for once, Yongha was behind the ball. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

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Have a look at this Two wounded souls healing one another. Han Yun Supporting Cast. I love all of the actors and their performance in this, let’s keep in mind that the actors are going by what the director wants to them to act in certain scenes and how each individual character is written. You know, when Chosun said she’d be eager to meet the kind of woman who could capture Yong Ha, my first thought was, “No. T I need onlinf stash more kleenex besides my coach. That is why Red Pill pointed out that this time, for once, Yongha was behind the ball.


He’s demonstrated that he’s not as disconnected as he would like to be or as much as he wants everyone to think, but there is a reason for that facade, and I want to know what it is. That is his only give away.

I love her so much!! And this is how sad that I shall never be that pretty: It’s not perfect, but it’s the best fun I had watching a K-drama since Coffee Prince most probably. Episodes onkine odilettante. Now, I have to go env to the episode and see Jae-shin the worrywart is driving Yong-ha nuts with all his pacing, but fortunately Yoon-hee and Sun-joon walk in looking mighty cute together.

And she did try so very hard to stifle her wagch.

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In-soo stops Cho-sun and her girls on their way out and asks her who this extra gisaeng is. And I am waiting for that!

I never like sequels, especially if they are going to mess up with the original story. Yoo Ah In Main Cast. Thanks for passing it along! But I say screw history! The drama shouldn’t be stretched out for the sake of stretching things out.

Ryu Dam Supporting Cast. I want to address the issue of there possibly being a second season to SKK Scandal. Sun Joon- honestly all i have to say for him is that he is a great character and all but in a way he is such a typical kdrama lead waatch i guess the appeal is’nt there anymore.


I want more SKKS!!!! My point of view they should have extended so they’re aren’t trying to cram so much in the last few sfandal and there’s more closure for certain characters stories where you’re not wondering what happened to so and so.

I love it how the first thing he does is tie his clothes and make himself presentable. It adds to the mystique that is Yeo-rim.

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Father, should I continue to follow your words? Is that why, Sun-joon questions with brimming tears, his father sacrificed the late Professor Kim Seung-hun and the late Moon Young-shin and destroyed the geumdeungjisa? Jomo November 5, at 1: I know that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was initially toted as a fusion sageuk — but is it possible for it to be a fantasy fusion sageuk so I sunfkyunkwan have my unrealistically happy ending?

So Sun-joon tells Dramacrzzy the truth as he knows it. Alexis October 20, at 6: T he seriously need to consider acting if he gets bored being an idol because i will watch his next drama I felt like they truly are father and son.