Adele and Joe have a nine-year-old girl called Clarissa and four-year-old fraternal twins called Peter and Deanna. Suzanne and Shane have a ten-year-old boy called Seth and a four-year-old boy called Sean. The Bruno Family [80]. Emma and Adrian have a twelve-year-old girl called Bronwyn and a one-year-old girl called Elois. The Quinn Family []. The Cantoni Family [85].

Salt Lake City, UT. Emma and Adrian have a fourteen-year-old girl called Bronwyn and a three-year-old girl called Elois. Erin and Orla scream their heads off at mum Sarah, and bully other children at their nursery school. Amanda and Roger have an eleven-year-old girl Saffron, an eight-year-old boy called Rio and a six-year-old girl called Sienna. Cameron’s violent outbursts are so out of control and extreme, Supernanny’s naughty step isn’t even an option, and Nicky and Chris are at a loss for words. The Addis Family [99].

The Goins Family [82]. Problems include Brycie talking back to his parents, Rylan refusing to sleep in his crib, and the different attitudes supdrnanny mom and dad; he’s quick to punish and she’s more lenient. Jen and John have a fourteen-year-old girl called Amanda, a thirteen-year-old girl called Abbey, a ten-year-old girl called Julia, a four-year-old girl called Reese and a two-year-old girl called Maeve.

The Webb Family [56]. The Young Family [66].

Lisa and Steve have a thirteen-year-old boy called Joshua, a twelve-year-old girl called Halley, an eight-year-old girl called Alexus, a seven-year-old girl called Alisen, a four-year-old girl called Irelyn and a two-year-old girl called Brynleigh.


January 24, Jo Frost helps the Bullards, Bryce and Jen, who manage a plumbing business, cope with their two unruly sons, 6-year-old Brycie and 2-year-old Rylan. Sharon and Jason have an eleven-year-old girl called Jordan and a six-year-old girl called Madison.

The Del Re Family []. The Christiansen Family [54].

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Shawn, Tammy, Chandler 8, Caden 6, Declan 3. Charlie rules the house with tantrums and screaming to get what he wants. The Minyon Family [55]. Sue and Paul have an eight-year-old boy, Nathaniel, a seven-year-old boy, Caleb, a six-year-old boy, Benjamin, a three-year-old boy, Jacob, and an eight-month-old boy, Joel.

Andrew and Chelsea are not fraternal twins, they are stepchildren. The Keilen Family [61]. Kate and Roy have a four-year-old boy called Denver, a three-year-old boy called Logan and a one-year-old boy called Jack. Cathy and Tom have a sixteen-year-old girl called Kristin, six-year-old twin girls called Episode and Erica, a three-year-old girl called Tori and a two-year-old boy called Tommy.

PortisheadGreater Bristol. Stacie and Joe have a ten-year-old girl called Sarah, a eight-year-old boy called Andrew, a eight-year-old girl called Chelsea, four-year-old twin boys called Benjamin and Zachary and a two-year-old boy called Jacob. John, Melora, Jared 9, Ashlyn and Alaia 4. Claire and Paul recently cancelled a family holiday to France, because the thought of wupernanny was too stressful.

All the children, except nine-year-old Lauren, fight, kick, swear, damage family property and spit. Sue and Neil have a seven-year-old girl called Ella, a five-year-old girl called Amy and a three-year-old girl called Grace. The Colombo Family []. Extreme Parenting Guidance series 2 “.


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Lucy and Steve have a thirteen-year-old girl, Caitlin, a eleven-year-old boy, Billy, and a three-year-boy, Charlie. Joey-Lynn and Glenn have a twenty-year-old girl called Samantha, a seventeen-year-old girl called Brooke, a ten-year-old girl called Savannah, a six-year-old girl called Hailey and a one-year-old girl called Haidyn.

The Lewis Family []. Emma and Alex have a six-year-old girl called Anya, a five-year-old boy called Corey, and a one-year-old girl called Alanis. The Amouri Family [86]. Jenny and Tony have an eleven-year-old boy called Jack, a ten-year-old boy called Joshua, a seven-year-old boy called Sean, a four-year-old boy called Max and a nine-month-old girl called Mia.

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Amy and Jimmy have a nine-year-old boy called Jacob, a five-year-old boy eppisodes Brody and two-year-old boy called Aiden. Joanne has an eight-year-old girl called Paige and a six-year-old girl called Poppy.

The Phelps Family []. Chia and David have a seven-year-old girl called McKenna “Kenny”, a six-year-old girl called Christina “Tina”, a five-year-old girl called Julia and a five-year-old boy called Robert.