Erin and Jacob have an eleven-year-old boy called Jake, a five-year-old boy called Ian and a three-year-old boy called Grant. The Martinez Family []. The Mihalik Family Donna’s partner Steve died suddenly leaving her to bring up their four children, one of whom has been seriously ill with leukaemia. Michelle and Sindo have a nine-year-old boy called Sindo, a seven-year-old girl called Ashley and a six-year-old boy called Mikey. Portishead , Greater Bristol. Bernadette and Charles have a twenty-year-old girl called Catalina, a seventeen-year-old boy called Erek, a fourteen-year-old boy called Devante, a ten-year-old boy called Brett, a eight-year-old boy called Joseph and a two-year-old girl called Charlette.

Meanwhile Aaron is also a problem – he’s not aggressive, but constantly talks back to his mother. Debbie has a five-year-old girl, Bethany, a three-year-old girl, Ruth, and a two-year-old girl, Hannah. Amy and Dale have a fifteen-year-old boy called Logan, a fourteen-year-old called Carley, a twelve-year-old called Chaslyn, an eleven-year-old called Joelle, a nine-year-old boy called Corban, a seven-year-old girl called Addison, a five-year-old boy called Nolan, a three-year-old boy called Bryson, a two-year-old boy called Cameron and an eight-month-old boy called Keaton. Jenye and Ricky have a six-year-old boy called Nicco, a four-year-old boy called Makai and a twenty-one-month-old boy called Crew. Lucy and Steve have a thirteen-year-old girl, Caitlin, a eleven-year-old boy, Billy, and a three-year-boy, Charlie. The Lewis Family [].

“Supernanny” Nitti Family (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Charlie’s behaviour has improved since Jo left, with Lucy and Steve still using her techniques. Nutti and Chris have a five-year-old boy called Oliver, a three-year-old boy called Thomas and a one-year-old girl called Jodie. Even with the help of her parents, who live next door, Debbie has completely lost control. Jen and Roy have a twelve-year-old girl called Jordan, a nine-year-old girl called Tanner, a four-year-old boy called Zachary and two-year-old girl called Kaia.


But when Supernanny Jo Frost arrives, she makes an unexpected diagnosis. Episoce 7 Episode 8: Annette and Robert have a nine-year-old boy Callum and a three-year-old girl called Katie-Ann. Ann and Steve have five-year-old fraternal twins, Aiden and Ella, and three-year-old twin boys, Louis and Ciaron.

Marla and Jerald have a twelve-year-old girl called Desiree, a five-year-old boy called Elias and a three-year-old boy called Eulisis “Shorty”. Sue and Paul have an eight-year-old boy, Nathaniel, a seven-year-old boy, Caleb, a six-year-old boy, Benjamin, a three-year-old boy, Jacob, and an eight-month-old boy, Joel.

Vicki and Aaron Newton are separated and share custody of their two sons, Aaron 12 and Kobe 5. Certainly not mum and dad, who wait on their kids hand and foot whilst the just watch TV and chat online The Hemingway Clegg family There are three children in the family but five year old Nathaniel is undoubtedly the ruler of the home.

John, Melora, Jared 9, Ashlyn and Alaia 4. Supernanny heads to Birmingham where four feisty children – and their dad – are driving mum mad!

The George Family []. The Merrill Family []. Karolee and Jay have a seven-year-old boy called Khalin, who was born with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disordera five-year-old boy called Kolben and a two-year-old girl called Kadance. From mealtime tantrums and sibling squabbles to terrible travel and bedtime brawls, it’s all in our TV archive.

Supernanny TV Episodes

Tuesday 10 October, – 9: The Beck Family []. Mhysa Game of Thrones Season 1. The Naszkiewicz Family []. Simon is house-proud, and does not take any disrespect from the boys. Nicky and Chris have a four-year-old boy, Cameron, and a fifteen-month-old boy, Mackenzie. Marko Family” Full Episode The Ririe Family [52].

Nitti Family

The Schrage Family []. Bryce, Jen, Brycie 6, Rylan 2. The Davis Family []. In each episode this modern-day Mary Poppins observes how the parents handle their day-to-day obstacles with their children and helps them employ her simple methods Watch and learn as Supernanny tames this princess. Chia and David have a seven-year-old girl called McKenna “Kenny”, a six-year-old girl called Christina “Tina”, a five-year-old girl called Julia and a five-year-old boy called Robert. Joanne has a ten-year-old boy called Joshua.


The Banjany family 3. The Del Re Family []. The Hancox-Smith Family Naughty boys and girls beware!

The Tsironis Family [62]. Newly divorced, he lives with his son Silas, aged 7 and three daughters Eliana, 9, Kaia,5 and Anna, 3 in Alaska.

Friday 30 May, – 9pm on E4. Jessica and Kevin have a six-year-old girl called Emma and a three-year-old boy called Dylan. The Larmer Family [58]. Angela and Mike have an eight-year-old girl called Jadon, a five-year-old girl called Amaya, a twenty-month-old girl called Michal and a seven-month-old girl called McKinley.

The Benton Family []. Season 7 Episode 9: Claire and Paul recently cancelled a family holiday to France, because the thought of travel was too stressful. Bernadette and Charles have a twenty-year-old girl called Catalina, a seventeen-year-old boy called Erek, a fourteen-year-old boy called Devante, a ten-year-old boy called Brett, a eight-year-old boy called Joseph and a two-year-old girl called Charlette.

Heather and Alex have a seven-year-old boy, Brandon, who nitgi born with Food Phobia, and a four-year-old boy, Zac. The Haines Family [78].