Jan 1 , The Executioner’s Song Episode I’ll feed the the Deputy to the crocodile See you tomorrow morning. And there will be hugs. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: You can install XBMC on your iphone, ipad, android , pc, mac and watch it during lunch time if you in the office using company wifi, or college or mamak etc. Jan 5 ,

You can also watch all season 8 from her channel before she upload the new season 9 when it’s available next month http: Goofs The young man is initially tilting his head to his right before leaning in to kiss his date, but wider camera angles show him leaning to his left without the couple changing their angles during their kisses. Funniest line from Crowley and Supernatural this season: Oct 13 , So now that Gadreel is fully cemented as a villain, it would be awesome to see Penikett return to portray the true angel that he is. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Sam and Dean track down a demon prostitution ring which leads them to the witch Rowena. After the scene when Famine enters the restaurant, Castiel has taken a bite out of his paper bag.

Gadreel leaves and Dean falls to the ground, cries one of his trademark One Perfect Tears, and the screen fades to black. Cocoa Puffs is a brand of chocolate-flavored puffed grain breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills. Sep 13 Such brutal episode man. But he has not seasno cross-dressing yet, so that is a pretty wide-open field right there!

Dec 16 Cupid reveals himself to be a naked man and goes around giving Dean, Castiel and Sam big hugs, which include lifting them up off the floor.


Meanwhile, Castiel, after being taken captive by one of the feuding angel factions on Earth, killed another angel and stole his grace for himself, making him an angel once more. I’m even hoping to see maybe a fight between angels maybe Gadreel and Castiel? Suprrnatural, it’s Valentine’s day. Castiel quench his thirst: Th- th-that’s freaking great. Castiel adds that this is the Cupids way of shaking hands and that nobody likes it.

Time passes by so quickly. Feb 6 Have you wondered why that is? Feb 27 Why does Heaven care if Harry meets Sally? When they arrive, they ask Jody to keep overeager Sheriff Donna Hanscum distracted while they look into the killings.


The restaurant Biggerson’s is the one the boys won a year’s worth of food for in 3. I sense Becky Winchester will reappear: May 26 Nov 28 Eric Kripke supernafural byBen Edlund. He always brings a level of humor and charm with his quips and general demeanor, making him a bad guy you love to hate.

Cain is just so damm cool. The same goes for a sandwich or a fight. Wtf next epi january When one series end, all end. While Dean and Castiel are on stakeout, demons arrive at the motel for Sam. You can also watch all season 8 from her channel before she upload the new season 9 when it’s available next month http: Castiel Elsewhere, Castiel holes up tsvhow7 a motel room and prays for help in a hilarious montage. However, Bartholomew gets some revenge when his faction kills a number of college kids being recruited as vessels for Malachi.


7 Little Johnstons: Discovery Files Suit Over Reality Series – canceled TV shows – TV Series Finale

Okay, but what about you? How does Dean deal with it emotionally? Oct 19 Ok you can watch it here, go to the first post and click the image, i will try update the original post the same day the show aired in the US for every episode. What we can we expect on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 10?

And yet, you’re all still starving because hunger doesn’t just come from the body, it also comes from the soul. Only now manage to watch episode 15 last night IMG: I miss DJ Qualls: I think we can rest assured we’ll be seeing the return of The Ghostfacers.

May 16 Oct 24 Hibbing Episode 8.

This post has been edited by MatchesMalone: I was wrong it was not a filler episode, go watch it now. Oct 25 I can’t go much more into detail than that,” Carver said to Entertainment Weekly.

You mean the little flying fat episore in diapers?

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

Oct 16 Well, have you even tried to stop it? The Demon gets away, but Sam gets its briefcase. Sam and Dean try to stop a ghost who is taking revenge against a group of college students by killing people through various electronic devices.