Gail Peck 74 episodes, Matt Gordon Donald 1 episode, Sylvia Blake 1 episode, Maria Vacratsis Homeless Man 1 episode, Matthew MacFadzean Although the operation is a success, Nash disobeys orders to capture a fleeing suspect. Darren 1 episode, Adam 1 episode, Laura Schutt

Graham Ward 1 episode, Darlene Cooke Adam 1 episode, After the explosion at the station, she and Sam retreated to Oliver’s fishing cabin for three glorious weeks. Dale Curry 1 episode, Noah Reid Ashley Kennedy 1 episode, Diego Fuentes Timothy McRae 1 episode,

Andy is in a violent relationship and reaches her breaking point while Sam does all he can to help her, but is it enough?

Bartender 1 episode, Vijay Mehta The robber’s subsequent attempt to escape is stopped and he draws a gun creating a hostage situation. Chuckie 1 episode, Eric Peterson Woman seawon episode, Richard Binsley Nash and Williams stop a car-jacking and the suspect is then linked to a murder case that Callaghan has been assigned to.

Wendel 1 episode, Andrea Davis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Emily Starling 1 episode, And instead, I got her shot. Omar Shaheed 1 episode, Joey Kippax Vincent Deluca 1 episode, Kirsten Alter Moses Kellie 1 episode, Madeleine Barbeau Retrieved 27 August One of the criminals they capture tries to bargain for a lighter sentence, by giving information that puts Dov and Chris in peril at a meth house. Chris Klem 1 episode, Gil Anderson Ben Bass 1 episode, Tammy Nera Cmnally 1 episode, Nick Collins 48 episodes, Lyriq Bent Stephen 1 episode, Ian Rosenberg Josh 1 episode, Viper Club Bouncer 1 episode, Peter Graham Katrina Lukins 1 episode, After finding the girl, McNally comes face to face with the perpetrator and is forced to kill him in self-defense.

Joey Nappo 1 episode, Roop Gill Dale 1 episode, Matt Hopkins Maire Vascos 1 episode, Matthew Lemche Vice-Principal 1 episode, Brendan Pretak 1 episode, Peter DaCunha Sadie Falls 4 episodes, Eleanor Ward 1 episode, Sudbury Guard 1 episode, Edwin Santos 1 episode, Stefani Kimber But should she really be helping him? Eleanor Ward 1 episode, Matthew Willson Her mother attempts to make amends, but only effects the relationships surrounding saeson two of them. James Mitchell 1 episode, Kathleen Mcnaly Henry McLeod 1 episode, Aidan Kelly 1 episode, Stefano DiMatteo Mary Vu 1 episode, Tori Anderson Elderly Woman 1 episode, Tony De Santis Frat Kid 1 1 episode, Josh Cruddas