Maybe she had just made piece and wanted to stay in this world like this. I personally believe, the film could have done with may be a wee bit more spookiness. Do you actually look up the dictionary to reply to comments? Retrieved 11 November Minor Girl 1 Om Prakash Such is the her mystique and, more importantly, prowess in flowery Hindi language.

Sonya Kapoor Krutika Desai Mira as Shivan Tanksale Suhaas Ahuja While driving, Nikhil began making out with the girl in the backseat. A taut psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, it leaves you spellbound, leaves you mesmerized, leaves you with an exclamation. Even the dialoguebaazi was not so ridiculous according to me.. Retrieved 31 March Because she was Simran, and she knew she had to get into the skin of Rosie, she was practising hard, knowing well that she would meet Aamir Khan — who believes in practice and research!

Female Worker 2 Raakesh Maudgal Rediff reviewed, “Except a steady undercurrent of anxiety, the soundtrack of Talaash doesn’t have a fixed theme or ambiance. Through the letter, Karan tells Surjan not to blame himself for his death and that he wants both his parents to be happy.

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One has to realise that any movie that deals into a psychological crisis and brings in the element of schizophrenia or dissociative disorder, the figment of imagination can only be visible with the protagonist.


I defend k that very moment I am sure the makers talaasu it to come out humorous. To speak unobserved, Rosie takes Surjan to a quiet place by the riverside and tells him that three years ago, she was picked up by Armaan and his friends, Sanjay and Nikhil Prashant Prakash. Those are movies which need analysis. If he had swapped bags, why did he have to walk out of the station and get trapped?

Just try to see another point of view and learn. If only filmmakers had spent so much time in nigmala as much as you devoted on writing this we could have enjoyed a inrmala movie. But you have put it amazingly.

Yet it is still an album that is worth listening! Though they did the car and elevator gimmick, it was just not enough — talaasn Kareena was made visible to the audience even in scenes where there was no Aamir.

The Answer Lies Within Well thought and drafted item… Loved reading every part of it. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Retrieved from ” https: Some say it is like Sixth Sense.

Press Trust of India. After all, what in the freaking world, is the hoopla about prostitutes, black-mailing pimps, a lame man trying to save his middle-aged overweight hooker girlfriend, nurmala the story is primarily about a ghost avenging her death.

Convinced of Armaan’s link with prostitutes, Surjan focuses his search on the slums near the Hotel Lido.


Retrieved 19 December Havaldar Pande Rakesh Maudgal Treatment or ilaaj is subjective here, since what she practices csat anything but actual help. For a simplistic plan like that, she waited 3 years, wow! Talaash received mostly positive reviews overseas. And in between all of this a murder mystery.

Give any HW movie I ll get u the loopholes. However, unable to find any films that interested her, she began working on a new script with her friend Zoya Akhtar in early Appreciate something decent and different coming from Indian Cinema, which is outside the norm.

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Farhan Akhtar dialogues Anurag Kashyap additional dialogues. Okay, two things to be clarified before we move ahead: Retrieved 15 June Ram Sampath and Rupesh. Dude, I do agree with some of his points not all… I wrote that comment just because you discarded his comment altogether which is not justified. The two are reconciled. Shekawat’s team Pallavi Bhaskar Actually I think the script writers were lazy or somewhat unimaginative in this instance…I am not saying Zoya and Reema are bad writers.