Then in a cakeshop he’s recognised by a fellow schoolmate. Listen to their dramacds while following the manga I’d say! Passionate detective x beautiful witty forensic scientist Rating: Hidoku Shinaide Title, Translation: Yousuke remember when he was treated like Ikuto’s slave, but now two years later the other’s all nice. Log in No account?

Lover Standard Value Seiyuu: Hardworking, good-looking, and heir to daddy’s company, Shimano thinks his life’s just about perfect. I’m new to the BLDrama scene and don’t understand much Japanese at all, so this list is helping me pick out dramas to try and helps me have some idea what’s going on besides the obvious parts. But one night by a total accident he witnesses a rather embarassing situation, which unexpectedly turns his life upside down Having been living together for 3 years, one day Shio fell down the stairs and taken another personality. Hirakawa Daisuke x Fukuyama Jun Synopsis:

Has 4 knights protecting uke. A good place to download is Evil Empire, from scanlators therselves or Aarinfantasy. Melancholic Mellow Mellow Seiyuu: Shio became innocent and shy, which Takashi took advantage of. Where is Junai Romantica downloadable? Then in a cakeshop he’s recognised by a fellow schoolmate. Previous Entry Next Entry. Emir decides to take uke home to his country. When sis flees, karateka bro must take her place to marry this bisexual American. For Hasunobe Yoshitomo, co-heir and general manager of the first-class Royal Fort hotel chain, life is pretty sweet.

Is it ikshou if I request Chocolatier no Renai Jouken? T University received a threatening letter in the forensic science department- “Realize the weight kishoy the crime which you committed.


Both men harbor a painful past but unlike Togawa, who was open with his feelings, Shima seems unable to move on. After one-nightstand he didn’t know seme could recognise him! Yuuta’s kouhai Madoka used to be short, cute and agreeable but now he’s just short. Doushiyoumo, Young Man, Oujisama, Hanafurirou.

But who’s the most cunning one in the end? This time it’ll dfama different though, and Yousuke is going to continue his single life. But somehow they ended up at a love hotel Guns, tensions, brother against brother working and living together.

taniyama kishou

Mu’s in love with his best friend Maru, but Maru doesn’t take him seriously because, well, Mu’s a huge slut who draama sleep with anything that moves. Unreasonable restructuring was under gone. In these circumstances in being dearly lonely, the prince unintentionally attacks him. Oujisama Game Title, Translation: Yousuke remember when he was treated like Dramma slave, but now two years later the other’s all nice.

Kamiya Hiroshi x Suzumura Kenichi Synopsis: Thank you in advance. On top of that, Hidenori requested for reconcile. Ever since that time Yousuke has been joining group dates, and then he saw Ikuto again.

Pretty Pretty Prince

Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide Title, Translation: Afterwards an unexpected intimate invitation to the a love hotel takes place. Lil’ brother refuses and rapes him. Uke gets kidnapped and occasionally needs to crossdress. Then catches halfnaked evil lil brother, who stole uke’s girlfriends, in seme’s apartment.


Finally a doctor arrives, and the host gets along well with him. Uke still keeps swept away by happy go go seme, who wants to buy a new car and proposes to be a slave for uke for a month. Nothing seems to help, he’s practically lost all hope–until he meets underclassmen Seiji, who’s violent, tactless, and says whatever is on his mind.

An elite and a salarayman commits to a physical relationship that takes place in the workplace during overtime almost every night in a small conferece room.

Passionate Young Man Released: The series also occasionally chronicles the romances of other palace employees and secondary characters. One day seme rapes uke in a fury of jealousy.

After his father dissolved the group, former yakuza Ozaki inherited the family real estate company. Both were afraid to confess their true feelings because some words in the past. On the first day of Shima’s new kidhou he met a man with a hangover in the elevator.