For anyone reading this and has dated the year-old blond, please update us. Also, Agnes is active in social media, Facebook and Instagram, where she often posts pictures. It’s a possibility, but she hasn’t made it official to the public, so we can’t really speak nonsense about her love life. Wayde and Brett build a sexy tank for rapper Ludacris. There are no records of her previous relationships either. Most of her net worth has been accumulated from her time on the show.

The company is co-owned by Wayde King and Brett Raymer. Brett Raymer with Trisha Marie. This content may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission from VegasNews. The fish business is a booming one, and Agnes Wilczynski knows how to bait a hook. Instead of coming back, he found love again. It’s a possibility, but she hasn’t made it official to the public, so we can’t really speak nonsense about her love life. After her time as a hair designer, she started to work for a local Ferrari dealership as a sales representative in Las Vegas. Know About Her Affairs.

October 17, by VegasNews. Although nothing much about their wedding date is known, he and Melissa share two children named Kayla and Bryce. It seems that the skills that she acquired during her days as a hair designer still comes in handy as you can always see her in the show having good and smooth hair. Well, considering some of the designs, those aquariums to are worth the amount. One of the appealing and delightful women in a reality television series, Agnes constantly keeps her love life and affairs under the curtains.

Please enter your comment! Agnes Wilczynski of Tanked. Celebrity Tanked TV Personality.

Wayde and Brett build a tank for NFL star Adrian Peterson and his wife Ashley that features glowing amethysts, floating crystals and a diamond-studded ring. Agnes Wilczynski and her brother Arthur Wilczynski. You have entered an incorrect email address! Wayde King, star of Tanked. Live Corals for Sonoma Winery Owner.

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Know about his career and awards. At the time of their meet, her goal was to sell a car to Wayde which she was marrief to accomplish. For now, Agnes Wilczynski has effectively kept her personal life covered up.


After her time as a hair designer, she started to work for a local Ferrari dealership as a sales representative in Las Vegas. The American TV host possesses a tall height and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity gives entrepreneur and young aspirant some serious career goal to pursue and make something out of nothing.

She is a part of both of these successful businesses. Joseline Hernandez, pregnant, photo shoot. Brett, who used to play tennis, football, and swimming, later found his future in Tank manufacturing field. The Tanked star lived in Vegas while working as a hair designer.

Her co-star Brett Raymer is engaged to caat longtime girlfriend now fiance, beautiful Trisha Chamberlain and has been since Know about her affairs and relationship. His engagement was even televised in Animal Planet in December We have estimated her net worth to be somewhere from 6 to 7 figures. Originally from Poland, she came to America in search for new life and got it in Las Vegas where she grew up. With the company making big bucks, she has to be raking in quite a big sum.

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Then she moved on to work as a sales representative in a local Ferrari dealership near her living area in Las Vegas where she met Wayde King, the co-owner of ATM. Agnes has a background in hair design and ironically was working in sales at a local Ferrari dealership when she met Wayde. With uploads of weekend getaways and vacations on remote islands with their significant others. The reality television show pays Agnes Wilczynski a good salary.

Agnes constantly keeps her love life under the curtains. Brett Raymer with Trisha Marie.

A woman like her is sure to be surrounded by paparazzi and fans, and so it is. You also might be wondering to know about her love life? Enter your email address: She has a good background of hair designer which was the beginning of her career.


She hopes ATM will one day become a legacy for their two daughters to continue to enjoy and expand. Breaking down into the specifics, the supposed millionaire works as an estimator and coordinator at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing ATM. Take a Peek at this “Spectacle-ular” Tank.

This is the largest aquarium manufacturer in the US handling aquarium designs in highly rated hotels and casinos as well as personal clientele, for the right price. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is still unclear if the two got divorced but they are seeing different people. She is very close to them both as seen through her uploads where she hangs out with them.

She has owned a house in Las Vegas after she started working there. Working with family has been very challenging, but Wayde is happy to share the stress and success with the people he loves the most.

Click here for the official event page on Facebook. After their separation, Brett had the custody of his two kids and remains in contact with his former wife. The company has build aquariums for some of the biggest celebrities such as Shaquille O’ Nea l, the happily married comedian Jeff DunhamTy Dolla Sign, David Hasselhoff, and another comedian and father of three Howie Mandel to name but a few.

For most Hollywood based celebrities, their relationships are usually plastered all over social media. He wanted to buy a Porsche and having been impressed with her sales skills, he offered her a job as a sales coordinator for his firm.