The Bourne Legacy Online. Compared to Chris Cooper’s mysterious and secretive character as Conklin, the head of Treadstone from The Bourne Identity, Norton seems even more spineless and unnecessary. Gilroy also commits the biggest sin of all, which is to never underestimate the intelligence of your audience. Ripped from the original embedded SUP. The Bourne Legacy Mp4. Carrera – Tilpasset af: Tony Gilroy, Dan Gilroy Writer: The Bourne Legacy Itake.

This is where we meet Aaron Cross. The Bourne Legacy is the fourth installment of the Bourne franchise and evolves around a new main protagonist, Aaron Cross. That way it’s trying to be two very different things, and ends up worming itself into a strange borderland between “Knight And Day” and “Quantum Of Solace” which leaves you puzzled to its existence, and unconvinced to its plot. The story runs parallel with the end of the third Bourne movie, and concerns itself with the result of Jason Bourne’s exposure of the Blackbriar program. The Bourne Legacy Dvd Ita. Should be held up as an example of how dedicatedly good actors can almost redeem a pointless, badly written film. It is impossible to watch it without forgetting what you saw in the last three films, because it is so far from the original ones. Some Filipino Tagalog language parts are added, transcribed and translate manually by English language.

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Regrettably Edward Norton’s character as Eric Byer, the “bad guy” hunting for Aaron Cross seems spineless and unnecessary compared to the other two. Despite this, Renner and Weisz manage to pull it off beautifully. She becomes Cross’s object of protection, and it is because of her we even care about his attempt to find safety from his assailants.

Weisz and Renner act their assess off but not even their raw talent can save this film from Director Tony Gilroy’s ego trip of a script and his lackluster directing.

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Say what you may about the shaky camera work but he knew how to stage a thrilling action piece of pop art. Prevodot odgovara i za “santi-bournelegacy. The bourne legacy He was a conflicted man whose drive was dictated by an inner sense of redemption.


The science fiction angle that comes up is insulting to what the last three films were, not to mention the fact that the direction here lacks the kinetic thee that Paul Greengrass brought to the last two movies of the series.

It is impossible to watch it without forgetting what you saw in the last three films, because it is so far brriip the original ones. He can do anything a secret agent can do but better but the character is not very compelling or interesting to say the least.

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You can tell that Weisz was working overtime sutitles achieving that and her efforts pay off ten fold, which is a blessing considering that most of the characters qudio of her and Renner come across as cardboard cutouts. The Bourne Legacy By Sponxorblogspot.

Perhaps it was due to my high expectations that I couldn’t enjoy this movie as much as I wanted, but I feel like i’ve seen enough to know 72p0 makes a great movie and distinguish between a good and a bad scripts.

The Bourne Legacy An actor’s actor in every sense of word but like Renner, she does not have much of a character thanks to the cliche script they both have to work with. The Bourne Legacy Official Trailer 2.

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Outcome is an affiliate of Blackbriar and Treadstone, with one significant difference however. The Bourne Legacy Movie Soundtrack. Language Set favourite s Login.

It is a shame because Renner and Weisz try their best and for the most part succeed despite all odds but they like the fans deserved better. Mirjam Beerse Ripped en bewerkt door relentless. Tony Gilroy had written not only the first three Bourne films but the great Michael Clayton as well but here, it is obvious that he is on a destructive ego trip.

The bad part is that they did it in the most unbelievable way, so much so that you really need to forget what you saw in the last three films in order to believe what was going on in this movie. The Bourne Legacy The. Gilroy also commits the biggest sin of all, which is to never underestimate the intelligence of your audience. My advice to Universal, if there has to be a sequel, bring back Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner Who both deserve medals for their efforts in making this lazy, self indulgent script work and get rid of Tony Gilroy, who clearly does not respect anybody other than himself.


We all want Bourne, but this is Aaron Cross’s story. Renner injects likability and vulnerability to this character and because of it, we want him to succeed in beating the bad guy and save the girl but Renner is working with a script that goes against itself and we are left with a half fast story that deals with supermen than a human story about survival.

Carrera – Tilpasset af: Renner and Weisz were great, but I think the scripting has been derided by many as terrible. The Bourne Legacy Download. There is so much more going on than just Jason Bourne and if we don’t get to explore that then the franchise will be poorer for it! If any blame should go around, it should go squarely to Tony Gilroy and his brothers, who seem like they had no idea on what the hell they were doing and in the process, wasted the time of two great actors Renner and Weisz who are working beyond what is necessary to give the fans the respect they subtiltes for staying with the series.

You are at the newest post. This is no doubt due to the undeniable chemistry between the two. ActionMysteryAdventure.

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