Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She started crawling across the floor, picking up bits of flowers as she went. More By and About This Author. The Good Doctor is an account of their strange friendship, a kind of companionship based around their major differences in outlook and personality. Book Reviews , Damon Galgut Tags: Feb 10, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves:

Put them together and you get a sense that what haunts South Africans is not politics but timing – trying to guess how you should appear at any given historical moment. Of course it is going to come to head: However, although there is uneasiness to the plot, it is too vague and almost ethereal to identify with the stark horror that the hype promotes. Galgut is also capable of a more delicate approach. It is about a different place and time. I’m not typically a fan of good vs.

I’ve a new favorite writer: The book is simple and yet powerful. Galgut is a fine writer, I recently read his The Impostor and it was great. Ngema gets her transfer to the big hospital; Frank takes over her post; Claudia Santander damonn her husband and returns to Cuba; Tehogo and Laurence are kidnapped by hostile forces and are presumed dead which fulfills Frank’s prophecy. The Good Doctor is a sustained meditation upon the unreliability of tne dawns.

The other is a young do-gooder named Laurence Waters. Both work best with the unspoken nuances of the tensions between people. But every now and then a Cuban doctor defects, which embarrasses everyone.


The Good Doctor

Trevor December 9, at 9: Some people come in from time to time, but not many. He believes it is for him to act, and for others to pay. February 20th, 0 Comments. Africa, but this novel takes on psychology, voctor, politics, and black-white relations in a less oblique and more satisfying manner albeit less experimentally. When the major event finally occurred, I found I didn’t much care.

How much of a responsibility Frank bears in the di Gripping except for the rather muted ending. If a comparison will help, imagine Galgut as an aspiring Kazuo Ishiguro at his most maddeningly elusive. In a sense, I think that’s part of the point — Frank is damob from emotional involvement, and therefore so are we.

A saint without scruples

When a keen young graduate drops into this small dry dusty world he makes waves. I wanted to tell him, you won’t last. The internationally acclaimed novel, is the story of an idealistic medical graduate who arrives at an isolated South African hospital to take up a year’s community service. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In all his books he seems to be working through the ties that bind, as it were, and trying to reconcile his relationship with his dad. And then, and I can’t quite put my finger on dotcor reason, it fell away and rather lost me towards the end. Who is ‘the good doctor’ of the title?

The Good Doctor Damon Galgut. Various influences have been mentioned, including Graham Greene and JM Coetzee, but he is more reminiscent of Dan Jacobson, in his deadly accurate reading of the South African psyche. At the beginning of the story, a new j Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.


It is under-supplied and barely functioning. The white car is seen on many occasions. Want to Read saving….

All over the place. Now, with Apartheid past, all the buildings and institutions of the former capital have fallen into disuse. Neither Laurence nor Frank wholly grasps the culture and poverty of the place in which they live and are supposed to serve; they remain strangers in their own country, “traveling in a different landscape” than glgut black South Africans. The writing is beautiful. He has a docror relationship with a black woman who runs a roadside souvenir stall.

The Good Doctor

It’s a setting Galgut exploits to full effect, creating a vivid image of an eerie, empty backdrop perfectly suited to the lost individuals who inhabit it – ‘a strange twilight place’, as Frank calls it.

Apr 27, Gumble’s Yard rated it liked it. In an inspired bit of ghost-baiting, Eloff bumps into the sinister old dictator who once ran the homeland and was said to have vanished when apartheid collapsed. Things broil up when soldiers arrive, ostentatiously for establishing peace and warring against the illegal refugees: