I think Howards storyline was really just a tool to give us a drunk Sheldon, so I wasn’t too concerned with it. Even you with your stocky build and lumberjack shoulders, you couldn’t do it. I’ve kept my marriage together for 35 years. That would explain why the sky was also on its side. Oh, I love a good blitz, especially with sour cream. Bernadette’s bringing her dad ’cause her mom’s out of town, and I never have anything to say to that guy. Howie says you’ve been making fun of him all day!

Yeah, back when I was dating Zack. Can I weigh in here? Mike ends up bonding with an unexpected guest, which places Howard in an awkward position. We’re having a moment here. There were some great one liners, we had some good conflict and growth, and did I mention drunk Sheldon. It might be cool if he and Raj go out on the town one night, looking for ladies.

But I did get tackled in the hallway once. Oh, she’s mad at me because she just found out she’s married to Zack.

They passed against a nickel defence. I know how you feel. How am I the bad guy? Thanks for saving the day. Long story short, they had to theort it. Drunk Sheldon is always hilarious, so that marked a vast improvement in the thockens for me Penny, you know those are real, right? I was a terrible husband.


We had one of those silly fake weddings. What are they doing? I thought she was the character with common sense in lieu of the nerdiness. This is a Jewish house. You’re the one that did the stupid thing.

Yeah,uh, look, it is scientifically impossible for a person to tip a cow. He cried and cried. It wouldn’t be Theoy without an Indian providing the food.

Raj Koothrappali: My, my. The plot, like my gravy, thickens.

Turns out an apple pie a day does not keep the doctor away. Thanks again for cooking. Know what they say, happy wife, happy life. We just did it as a goof. And ny he did.

Kunal Nayyar: Raj Koothrappali

Why are you mad at me? The only reason she invited Zach was because Leonard made it abundantly clear that he wanted the problem fixed immediately. So was the man who owned the local liquor store. Let me ask you a question.


I can’t believe Penny is married to Zach. I just don’t understand why you invited him here today. Like we’re on a ship. Is this all we’re gonna talk about the rest of the day? The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

It was actually more fun than I thought. Yeah, everything was delicious. You know, my mom’s been to clears throat Arizona. Can we rhe get this over with? You can have a quiet day and gheory the game here.

Can I weigh in here? Showing all 7 items.

It is scientifically impossible for a person tip a cow. Nothing really new there. Do our traditions mean nothing to you? I was never around. Sheldon ignored me for a week when he got that Roomba vacuum.