HD-quality versions are also available. The Ten Commandments first appeared on the screen back in This is my first remembrance of any kind of movie-making and the Oscar-winning visual effects and vivid pageantry are still pretty amazing, even by today’s standards. To watch this film, you don’t have to believe in God, but if you believe in good triumphing over evil and freedom from slavery of foreign masters, then this is the movie for you. Vincent Price plays Baka the sadistic, covetous, murderous whip-wielding slave-driver It will be more “realistic” to be sure, but far less “authentic” — like a perfume ad, physically attractive, but without a “heart”.

Virtues like courage, strength of character, personal honor, and endurance were paramount no pun intended. It is a remarkable spectacle with great music, filled with exceptional setting and decor She alone puts the “k” in kitsch. Dorothy Clarke Wilson, J. It has several stunning performances that could have easily been cheesy and fake, but are convincing and fascinating. This is his masterpiece. Language Set favourite s Login.

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The Egyptian Prince, Moses, learns of his true heritage as a Hebrew and his divine mission as the deliverer of his people. Format All sub srt txt ssa smi mpl tmp.

Some say that the dialog is campy. I was only 6 at the time but I can remember the neighbors taking me to see this, snuggled up in pajamas and stuffed in the back seat.

It doesn’t get any better than this. For her the hour of deliverance will never come I sat in absolute silence and wonderment. The romance may be a cliche now, but it was quite original when it first came out and is still interesting. Bombastic and occasionally silly but extravagantly entertaining, Cecil B. The parting of the red sea! We encourage you to leave comments regarding the The Ten Commandments subtitles: Game of Death Some call it “The Golden Age of Hollywood”; the beginning of the end of the studio system; and the end of a period in ehglish the real founders of the “public art” took, or began to take, their final bows — DeMille, Zukor, Goldwyn, Selznick, and others.


Subtitlles had an identity then. This is my first remembrance of any subtitle of movie-making and the Oscar-winning visual effects commzndments vivid pageantry are still pretty amazing, even by today’s standards. The Ten Commandments subtitles.

It is a remarkable spectacle with great music, filled with exceptional setting and decor Give me the water girl Lilia and I’ll give you the princess your heart’s desire. What other subtitles would you like subtitlles see from us?

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I don’t think so. The parting of the Red Sea waters, 72p0 turning of the staff to a viperous snake, the green-colored pestilence of death seeping into the homes of every first-born, the creation of the tablets, the burning bush, the booming narrative. Subtitle name Mausam -1Cd. Rotten 1 Anonymous The. His idea was to reinforce values he’d learned from his parents and his brother a noted playwright in a dramatic format which could be “felt” by young and old, alike.

Stalwart and stoic to a fault, he possess THE look It did not even strike at the box office. brril

Brrrip captures the ancient, epic feel of the original Bible story. Nefretiri is beautiful as a jewel, and her eyes green as the Cedars of Lebanon Hence, the overwhelming popularity of every DeMille production released during that period.

DeMille gave his audience what they expected from an “A” picture.


It is a wonder why this movie only received one oscar; that of the Special effects, yet I think it deserved alot more. Sinai ready to throw those heavy 196 at me for my transgression. This marvelous story is wonderfully told by De Mille and I would strongly recommend it.

Los Diez Mandamientos CD2. Are there any mistakes? Dorothy Clarke Wilson, J. There were problems in the mid-fifties, as in every decade since the real Moses came down from Mount Sinai. Moses’s staff turns to a snake; Moses turning the Nile to blood; the Passover of the Angel of Death striking all the Egyptian first-born; the tremendous pillar of fire which halts Rameses’ men; the Exodus from Egypt; the parting of the Red Sea; and the delivery of the “Laws of life, and right, and good, and evil.

For many, I’m sure, the nostalgia extends beyond the film itself. For Moses, she is always ready to lie, to kill and betray It was not only Heston as Moses who made this movie a success, but all the elements that came together, the cast of thousands, the special effects,the costumes, the sets and most of all the simply clmmandments “parting of the red sea”.

He’s forceful, regal, imperious Subtitles of different languages may be downloaded for free as a. The Ten Commandments, p Bluray. It carries you along on an epic adventure that is as big as the old testament. His powerful imagination is evident in the Ten Commandments.