He paces his dialogue as though he is in a screwball comedy. Share Tweet The Uninvited https: Shadows in those darkly lit rooms are effectively ominous. The plot has enough complexity and a twist or two, to hold one’s interest without being any masterpiece. I took the gender stereotypes in stride, and found them fairly innocuous for their era, but some might feel less unfazed. A brief archival interview with Clouzot from mostly sees the fimmaker explaining why he chose to cast Brigitte Bardot rather than Sophia Loren as Dominique. How to Train Your Dragon:

Don’t Miss Blu-ray Review: Transformation, whether of theme or person, lies at the heart of Joseph H. But when Beech all but bestows his long abandoned property on Rick and Pamela, this prompts his granddaughter to befriend the siblings in an effort at finally uncovering her past and reconciling with her mother, who quite literally haunts her every waking move. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to The Uninvited. The second half, in particular, has some wonderfully shot sequences that give the film its identity. We hear a crying woman late at night, a genuinely creepy moment. But because so much is revealed in expository dialogue without even the occasional flashback , the plot of The Uninvited is confusing and talky. In all other respects, though, the Blu-ray, sourced from the same restoration as the DVD, offers merely an HD upgrade of the older discs.

Shadows in those darkly lit rooms are effectively ominous. Paramount Pictures Official Site: Directed by Lewis Allen and starring Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey and gorgeous Gail Russell in her first film role, the motion picture was released by Paramount in early In fact, he shows admirable patience by slowly building the tension and suspense — the dog refuses to go upstairs and the art room mysteriously fills with a chilling breeze.

I thought there could have been a couple more scary scenes and what was there could have been drawn out a little longer to build greater suspense, with less chatter over the top.

The Uninvitedco-starring Donald Crisp and Alan Napier, is centered by a mystery involving Stella Meredith Gail Russell and her deep attachment to that seaside house, which is not fully realized until her Grandfather sells it to the Fitzgerald family.


The central mystery, although fairly enjoyable to watch unfold, is rather predictable. Unfortunately, the acting is a mixed bag.

Svet Atanasov on November 16, where this Blu-ray release scored 3. Up Next Blu-ray Review: An excellent effort on all levels as this film really delivers. Features 6 days ago. The special effects, for the time, are outstanding and the story is superior.

The Uninvited tackles the supernatural elements head-on.

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Another interesting twist is having much of this spooky atmosphere not only attached to the Windward but also centered around one character: Unrated Not Rated Studio: Tell the trick-or-treaters to go away for an hour-and-forty-minutes, get comfortable, turn out the lights, and watch it. This is the wellspring, the moment in time that births the character of Biberkopf and sends him flailing forth on day sacrificial ascension up the Teutonic mount.

Old houses are another plus for me in a film, and I enjoy black and white much better than color in most instances. With each narrative step forward, Biberkopf seemingly gains in clarity the length of the work is a benefit, allowing for a novelistic density and, at times, a mesmeric depth of characterthough Fassbinder is, in fact, merely setting up his metaphor-slathered patsy for an empty-headed last-act kill. The video essay by Michael Almereyda included in this set describes The Uninvited as the first film to take ghosts seriously.

The Uninvited (1944) Criterion Collection

Sequences with rear-projection are also a reivew on the blurry side, but that’s understandable as the expected effect of the process. What most viewers will enjoy is how the story twists and turns as it makes its way forward. Awards 4 days ago. Overview – A pair of siblings Ray Milland and Regiew Hussey from London purchase a surprisingly affordable, lonely cliff-top house in Cornwall, only to discover that it actually carries a ghostly price; soon they’re caught up in a bizarre romantic triangle from beyond the grave.

He engulfs the frame with intensely dark, cavernous shadows that make it difficult to see what lurks behind characters. Tonally, the mix sounds adequately balanced without being overly demonstrative, while dialogue comes through clean and clear with little extraneous noise that can understandably hamper productions from this period. Picture quality is outstanding, as heavy grain bathes each frame without sacrificing detail or losing too much in the way of clarity. The Return of the Vampire – Blu-ray Review.


The siblings go ahead and buy it anyway and Roderick tries to smooth things over by taking the uptight Stella out for a bit of fun. It gets quite poetic and touching by the end in fact. As such, the film must be appreciated for being rat in its way and it certainly had an influence on many horror films to follow. Great stuff, with a kind of twist ending that you kind of see coming.

What’s your nex t favori t e movie? It soon smoothes out after that and the only issue was a mild flickering in some of the darkest sequences. But immediately after they move in, Roderick and Pamela discover that they are not alone. Her mother wants her to stay.

Don’t miss out on these great unijvited. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. It is structured as a conventional thriller but it has the atmosphere of a classic Gothic picture. For decades, The Uninvited was held up by film reviewers as one of the scariest haunted house movies ever made.

The Uninvited Blu-ray

Criterion May Titles. This is more apparent when the whispers and weeping of the ghost are heard, restrained to the center of the screen, always coming from the same spot.

As also cited in the booklet, the original uncompressed PCM mono soundtrack was remastered from a 35mm optical print, which, like the video, is really terrific.