Sheriff Forbes calls Damon and Stefan to the hospital, where someone has been attacking patients. Stefan and Damon then lock her in the cellar. But while talking, Rebekah breaks his neck and they take the paper and go. Klaus and Rebekah realize Connor is one of “The Five,” a clan of legendary vampire hunters that existed years before. Bonnie agrees to help Shane by killing twelve more people to get the proper magic needed to break the veil between this realm and where all supernatural beings go when they die. Charlie Bewley as Vaughn.

All credit to Nina Dobrev who acts her little heart out, trying to portray the disorientation of the transitional phase, before she drinks her first blood from a handy expendable-minor-guest-star-shaped dispenser and becomes a full vampire. Meanwhile, Rebekah tries to buy Matt’s forgiveness; and Klaus reveals a 12th-century encounter with a powerful group of vampire hunters. Season 4, Episode 22 May 9, She reminds him that they both want the cure, and Klaus calmly calls Kol off, warning him to stay away from Jeremy. A Star Is Born 7. Bonnie refuses to listen before Shane reminds her of her grandmother, and that she can see her again.

Last night’s episode was everything I wanted it to be. Retrieved May 16, Klaus tries to use Hayley to get the information he’s after and makes an intriguing discovery in the process. She goes to the bridge where she died and the hunter, Katherine, and her mother convince her to take her own life. After stealing her away from the brothers, he explains that due to killing the original five hunters, he experienced the same thing and there is no cure.

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Please help improve them by removing unnecessary details and sdason them more concise. She then feeds Jeremy to a starved Silas and runs off with the cure.

He tells them t Elena’s hallucinations are due fotja a witch’s curse and the only cure is for a potential hunter to make a first kill and pass along the last hunter’s powers. Season 4, Episode 4 November 1, The CW’s 1 show returns for another explosive season — and you won’t want to miss a minute. Tyler and Elena save Caroline, causing the other hybrids including Kimberly to accept Tyler as their leader.


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Silas ends up draining Jeremy’s body and breaks his neck, killing him. Season 4 Episode Guide. Klaus and Rebekah reveal a part of their history to Stefan, in which they found out that there is a cure 44 vampirism, to which Connor holds the key. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Stefan drives off sewson dump Silas’ body with Lexi. Retrieved January 25, Klaus provides Jeremy with one of his hybrids to kill to complete his transition to a hunter and break the curse in return for a single vanpire with Caroline. Meanwhile Caroline and Stefan try to convince Klaus that it would be in his own best interest to help them track down Silas.

Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Shane manages to help Jeremy control it and Damon sets Elena free.

Kol then tries to kill him, but Bonnie saves him with her new magic, and almost kills April in the process. Alaric gives Damon the cure he took from Silas and tells him to get the girl. Season 4, Episode 16 March 14, Season 4, Episode 6 November 15, Community Facebook and Twitter Giveways Win stuff!

He confides that it took a while but he finally got Lexi to let her guard down and re-enforced the door and locked her outside in daylight. She is rescued by Stefan and Matt. In Shane’s study, Rebekah and Stefan look for the headstone, and talk about their old relationship. Elena becomes scared she might become like Damon, much to his offense. The episode ends with Connor finding a note written by the Pastor about a “greater evil,” and Elena and her friends having a private memorial for everyone they have lost.


During this argument she mentions to him that the memories he compelled her to forget are coming back. Finally, Klaus discovers Tyler’s plan which leads to all 12 of the hybrids being killed and Klaus drowning Tyler’s mother. Damon also briefs Elena with his experience with Lexi in New York and tries to convince her to flip the switch as well.

They refuse, and Elena works on a plan to kill Kol. Rebekah walks up to Elena and Stefan and offers to erase Stefan’s memories of Elena, but when he accepts, Rebekah goes back on her word; saying that Stefan’s pain is her own revenge.

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Kat Graham as Bonnie. Caroline tries to distract Elena as graduation day approaches, but Elena refuses to be swayed from her new obsession. Retrieved May 4, Archived from the original on June 14, Meanwhile Klaus, now in his own body, is confronted by a hurt Rebekah, who destroys the bags of Elena’s blood, making it impossible for Klaus to make more hybrids.

Elena then tells Damon that she loves him and in death he is the only one who makes her feel alive.

Later, knowing about Elena’s plan to kill his brother, Klaus wants to hurt her and Jeremy.