As Takashiro readies himself to deal the finishing blow, Yuki stops him by pleading for Reiga to tell him that their past memories were not lies. Takashiro accepted the task and set off from the village, leaving Reiga and Yomi in-charge of defending the village. Then the three Opasts attack the Kamakura residence. At the entrance of Kamakura residence, Yuki was greeted by the butler of the Giou main house, Fuyutoki, who is the older brother of Aya, the one who manages the Twilight Mansion. However, Luka reassures him that he should follow whatever he believes in, but suddenly three Mid-villains attack and attempt to capture Yuki. April 10, [4].

She tries to persuade Luka to return to the Duras’ side but is rejected. Yuki is scheduled to leave for the Kamakura residence with only Luka and Tachibana. As he is about to deal the finishing blow, a figure appears before him: While Yuki wanders around the compound outside the mansion searching for Luka, Luka encounters Elegy, a General-class Opast from his past, at a clearing within a forest. While the others want to accompany him, they finally acquiesce to Takashiro’s order that only Yuki should go to the Giou main house. Retrieved November 20, Anime and Manga portal.

Passing through a bamboo grove, Yuki feels a sense of nostalgia towards the place. Rondo of Princesses Toradora!

Bewitched Agnes Shakugan no Shana — Karin — Then the three Opasts attack the Kamakura residence. He flashes back to when he tried to kill himself with his fire, only for Shusei to hold him and convince him to stop. It was unknown, however, why Mizuki withheld the name of her husband from her sisters and also the reason Yuki was left at the orphanage. Letters from the Departed The Familiar of Zero: December 13, [4]. Takashiro has actually lived for more than years and was present since the start of animepreium battle.


Retrieved July 31, Luka responds “scars that come from friends”.

April 24, [4]. Luka arrives in time to kill Ashley, and save them.

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He hates being a burden to anyone near him, but at the same time, he is afraid of being left alone. While the others worry about Yuki, he busies himself with house chores animepremiuj helping around in the mansion in order to forget the pain of Kanata’s betrayal. The demon-exterminating task took Takashiro longer than he initially thought and as he rode back, he noticed a great fire devastating the village.

June 20, [8]. When Takashiro winces in sudden pain, Yuki gets to know more about Takashiro’s real self: Luka takes care of them while Hotsuma and Yuki continue on. While searching for the missing orphans, Yuki receives a call from his classmate Uzuki and heads to school, where he finds someone unexpected. Witnessing the damage Yuki suffered in battle, the Zweilts gathered at the Kamakura mansion renew their promise to end the war.

The August issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Asuka magazine announced that the manga would be adapted into a live-action stage production which will run in the Ginza district of Tokyo from December 21 to December September 24, [4].

As they begin walking, they are attacked by Duras or demons and are saved by Touko and Tsukumo, along with Takashiro who talks about the Giou Clan and how everyone of its members have special powers and that they need his power. As Takashiro questioned Reiga as to his motive for burning the village, Reiga remarks that “everything is already too late” before disappearing.

The first volume was published by Kadokawa Shoten in July Luka drives Yuki to school in the morning. Senshiro, a Zweilt-in-training from the main family comes to pick up Yuki and his entourage, making a stop on the way to pick up his partner, Kuroto, a prodigy in shogi who decided to quit in order to focus on the battle.


October 24, [15]. Hotsuma and Yuki finally reach Shusei, who appears to be lifeless. Yuki raises a wall of defense around Kuroto, Senshiro and himself but starts to fail under repeated attacks from Cadenza.

Reiga orders Luze, Luka’s younger twin brother, to destroy everything that stands in their way, so Luze challenges Luka. He was abandoned at birth near the Asahi orphanage. Yuki runs to comfort him and sees his past. In Julyannouncement was made that an anime adaption would be directed by Katsushi Sakurabiwritten by Natsuko Takahashi, and produced by J. Just as they’re about to finish off Jekyll and Hyde, Reiga appears.

There, he aniimepremium the origins of Reiga who was born from a union between a Giou-clan mother and an Opast father, making him a forbidden child.

The reincarnation of the Zweilt guardians are also due to Takashiro summoning their souls back into the world in order to participate in the battle. Hotsuma desperately wants to find him. August 26, [16].

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Shusei and Hotsuma defend against the Opast twins who recovered from their injuries due to Reiga’s power. Later, he has a confrontation with Uzuki at school, and his powers almost goes berserk again. Summer Togadora Ai Yori Aoshi: In Tokyo, Yuki and Luka wait for Takashiro as he makes a stop at a police station.

You can help by adding to it. Yuki decides to summon his power to end the cycle and his power goes out of control.