But she still suspects her grandmother and her mother. But the POV roamed from person to person, letting us in on their motivations and interpretations of what was going on. However, since the book was supposed to coincide with the release of the movie as per internet gossip , I can see this as a great marketing tool to boost sales for the movie which looks FANTASTIC, by the way. I’d be happy to bake her chocolate chip cookies, and I wouldn’t be scary. In some ways it felt rushed, passing up opportunities to further expand on the story. Valerie is a wonderful heroine– self-aware and strong. And you would think you might begin to notice a pattern, blacking out every full moon in a town plagued by a werewolf.

You can imagine my disappointment and anger when I turned the last page only to find I’m supposed to check out the final chapter on a website! Another thing that irked me was that characters randomly knew things that were never explained to them, and Valerie always knew what the other person was thinking and what she needed to say to appease them. Now, would I have recommended it to children It’s a retelling I enjoyed. From the beginning it is painfully obvious that the author of the book is not entirely knowledgeable about the characters, their motivations, or the plot. I’ll probably still see the movie, mainly to find out if the ending is even slightly more satisfying than the book’s.

Despite the fact that the Wolf killed her sister cppuccetto scarred her mother for life? I’m sorry but there’s no nicer way to say it. She’s running all the way to her grandmother’s house. I understand that the author wanted to put this in, since that was a part of the fairy tale, but here?

And Valerie hardly even asked, “What the heck was up with that? So, even though less than five pages ago Valerie was talking about how horrible and evil the Wolf was, she now doesn’t care?


Le fiabe son fantasia

Granted, I realize that this book was first a script and then fleshed out into a novel — but, honestly, that isn’t an excuse. Sadly to say, I just wasn’t fikm. Is this a joke?!?!? Instead she’s kissing her sister’s killer and mother’s attacker. In fact, I loved Valerie since she never seemed to be bothered with self-preservation over the rights of others.

C’era una volta una ragazza. So there you have it. I want to follow Sarah Blakely-Cartwright home and make her tell me the ending. That villages in books and movies are doomed to tra,a the center of dystopian and horror stories for centuries gosso come? I feel as though another book, if not a series, is needed to complete and improve upon this. Is he the wolf or not?

Leggere Romanticamente e Fantasy: Cappuccetto Rosso Sangue Libro & Film in arrivo!

Cappucfetto, family secrets, religious fanaticism, torture-yes it can get pretty grisly! But her lac Well I only got about pages in. Apr 16, Bry rated it did not like it Shelves: But trust me, it does. What was I supposed to have learned? Aug 04, Kaede rated it did sanfue like it.

It was a very bold thing of Blakely-Cartwright to choose omniscient third person, and it made it completely impossible for me to keep up with who was an important character and who was not.

And ok, she falls for her love interest way too fast. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get when you buy uber-cheesy books from the Young Adult section at Barnes and Noble. Pick up the book cappucetto find out. Comparing the epic fault that is Red Riding Hood with a classic of fairytale-retelling makes the former looks like a piece of crap. It’s a waste of paper, ink, and money. Open Preview See a Problem?

Trying to figure out who the werewolf was, was a little more challenging than I thought. Valerie and Peter were childhood friends till Peter left the village after a tragic mishap. He seemed like the only person that did make sense!


Hardwicke is responsible for the introduction And there’re Peter and Henry, the love interests. From the beginning it is painfully obvious that the author of the book is not entirely knowledgeable about the characters, their motivations, or the plot. But it didn’t end there. And the wolf leaves the villagers alone.

That’s was all i was thinking about! I’m just going to put my suspicions in the envelope here and let you open it after the identity is revealed.

Af The blacksmith would marry her. Estratto da ” https: Nobody lives happily ever after. If you read this rating, don’t let it discourage you from reading because you might like it.

At worst, it was an overlong read with next to no substance. I actually found this book lying around. Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight fame is directing it.

And cappuccefto Valerie is talking to someone, she knows when they are doubting her, or not satisfied, and then says exactly what they want her to say to get her way. Not in a Kathy Bates-iish stalker-y way.

Okay, let me get this straight. And then she freaking kissed him.

Red Riding Hood

Mar 02, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: Example would be when she first say him. I don’t know how this Red Riding Hood manages to outdo Tramw at being silly and bad. Then Peter shows up quite randomly, and she without coming to the conclusion, having absolutely NO evidence to back up her claim, and without being told is like “She didn’t care if he was the Wolf or not.