As for the inadequately finished Teflon inserts, using a fine nail file or a piece of fine sand paper, pass a few times over all the edges of the Teflon inserts to make them smooth and that will do the job. Being a carbon fiber tripod, it only weighs 2. Newer Post Older Post Home. The more dense and compact a material is, the higher its resonating frequency. The leg folding system of this Triopo Tripod of the traveler series allows degree reverse folding so it becomes easily packed into an inch Model code Plate model Base dia. Its maximum loading capacity equals 8kg, with only grams of weight. Anti-rotating head mounting setscrews to provide secure mounting of a tripod head; Leg Section Locking System, operating easily and locking the legs and center column quickly and firmly when adjusting length; Resistant to temperature changes wherever shooting in Torrid Zone or polar region.

Being a carbon fiber tripod, it only weighs 2. You may check this reseller review http: About the top plate, your suggestions and links are very useful and thank you for sharing. That’s nuts, they should differentiate the model’s length variation with letter s or number to avoid confusion like Gitzo for example who uses model , model LS or model XLS. Easily adjusted hinge resistance level. That’s the most stable point for the camera and that’s why I don’t use extended columns for low shutter speeds or long lenses if I want sharp photos.

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Total weight of assembly gr 5. Although they work fine I find the metal parts a little thin for the purpose and would prefer them more sturdy.

triopo Tripods Price in Singapore February, 2019

I am concerned with this. This however does show inconsistencies in production specs of the same model and if combined with a not tops QC too, then the image of the brand is infected. This Triopo Tripod has a loading capacity of 33 lb 15 Kg.

Thickness of the GT tripod’s legs wall has been reduced to 0. However, here I have to point out that we are travele about a traveler tripod with specific attributes in mind and we should judge it as such. Anyway in my opinion a tripod should not be fancy in anyway, shouting out here I am, but be well triooo and support my photo gear sound and steady.


The wide shoulder strap is also well made with seriees padded anti slip shoulder piece and two spring closing hooks. Actually it is a small part with a trapezoid base inserted into a same shape nest at the bottom of the center column tube. The updated version has an improved top gt-3128z8.c+b-2, a tripo center column hook and retractable spikes in the leg rubber feet. If you are not interested in the reverse folding feature or the monopod function of the GTX8C then maybe new Triopo GXC classic type could better suit your needs.

Thank you for the GT short column with groove tip. Please check this link http: You may check this reseller review http: Sotiris Vlachos July 1, at 1: I should point out that there is no problem tightening the head to the top plate but more a problem of tightening the top plate on the center column, since there is no washer or a steel hexagonal nut as usual, the aluminum plate cannot be forced too much and sometimes when you try to unscrew the ball head it comes off altogether with the top plate.

Even with the center column fully extended, the tripod remains extremely stable without vibration.

Both heads are fitted with Acra-Swiss mount, preventing against uncontrollable plate release, panoramic base with the rotation scale, double level and two independent locking knobs.

While they work on hard surface, one can see the legs spreading in travelre grass or muddy or sandy ground when applying vertical downward pressure on the leg hub.

Triopo GT-3128X8C + glava Triopo NB-1 (karbonski stativ + monopod + glava) 8kg

The case zipper is also of strong plastic running from the “base” all the way around the “top” Regarding the anti twist island, if you wish to remove it, it is very easy by simply knocking it off its nest. Sotiris Vlachos July 28, at 6: The center long column of mine can’t be moved even though I loosen the locking nut. They have the same folded size, and it seems to me that mm with head is just too small dumb? For someone that has already acquired the tripod, I would also suggest to change the top plate with something more stable and elaborate with an extra steel nut.


Eagle July 28, at 4: Head base is equipped with a special silicon gasket protecting the tripods leg against damage during transportation.

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The four-section legs are adjusted independently with bolts and each of them as well as the head mount have protection gaskets to increase the product’s durability. It is very common, especially with brands like Triopo who do not have official distribution channels so each reseller may order or create models according to their own spec.

Legs space may be individually adjusted in the following ranges: Gt-3128×8.v+b-2, I may only assume that the problem arises from resellers, who have to order a big quantity and then try to sell old stock when the model changes.

I have a question for this tripod. You are absolutely right. About the top plate on the column, you mentioned that it’s made of aluminum gt-3128×8.c+g-2 wrote: But care should be taken to tighten the plate as far as possible to avoid any mishaps as it easy to loosen it trying to loosen a ball head attached on top of it. B-2 model comes with an additional, third knob to regulate the ball-head resistance and panning, which is invaluable solution for heavier sets.