He smiles and leaves. Lavanya informs Anshuman that Rana is returning from London. Will Anshuman agree to the same? Anshuman becomes worried about the same. Lavanya learns that Girish is not present in the house. Lavanya comes to them and says now it looks like a happy family. Paakhi’s brother humiliates Lavanya at the party. Anshuman becomes upset on Paakhi’s return.

Paakhi hides her feelings from Anshuman. Pakhi makes him wear the blazer. Subscribe To Our Channel: Anshuman becomes furious on learning that Paakhi has gone to pick Ayaan. He advices Paakhi to take care of herself. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She decides to hire a maid in order to take care of Naina.

Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. By Kalash Music views. Paakhi wishes to talk to Anshuman. Girish comes and Mr. By Janta TV views. Has Paakhi changed her mind to stay with Anshuman? Paakhi gives a performance and gets applauded. They say cheers and have the wine. Oakhi Now – http: The servants are ready to say her bye.

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31 Singh humiliates Paakhi at the tournament. Last updated Dec 13, Guide on recovering files from sd card – http: By Chennai Channel 7 views. He gives her freedom to follow her own culture, which does not match with his life style. Rana tells Anshuman that if this girl can do this, she will do anything. He advices Paakhi to take care of herself.


Rana says lets have some wine. Welldone pakhi,u have proved that u can do anything…. Lavanya celebrates her birthday with Girish, Anshuman and Paakhi. Lavanya learns that Girish is not present in the house. Lavanya says there tymhari one more thing, the wine.

Tumhari Paakhi – 13th December 2013 – Ep 25

Ayaan tricks Paakhi and leaves her at the school. By Indian Trade Portal views. Paakhi’s brother is annoyed with Anshuman and decides to leave his house. Lavanya comes to them and says now it looks like a happy family. Lavanya looks out for Girish.

To know more, keep watching Tumhari Paakhi Log In Welcome, Login to your account. By Telugu TechTuts views.

On Maayi’s insistence, Anshuman forbids Paakhi from receiving Ayaan. Fill your cocktail glass with ice 2. Lavanya asks Anshuman to send Paakhi back with her brother. She says you used to do this before I came here.

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Buaji asks Girish to care for Naina. Paakhi is waiting for an answer for 18 years! They have a laugh. Paakhi gets awarded for her performance. Rana finds Anshuman and Paakhi together. Rana invites Anshuman and Paakhi for a party in the club. Bua asks her to call Girish to take care of Naina.

Tumhari Paakhi – 10th December – Ep 22 In episode 22 of Tumhari Tumhai, aired on 10th DecemberAnshuman decides to withdraw from the tournament Paakhi refuses to wear the dress, given for the tournament. I will come to Chittor for sure, I remember that Tausa said you are the best guide, will you show me your Chittorgarh. Anshuman holds her and says take care Pakhi.


Paakhi’s brother decembef Lavanya at the party. Tumhari Paakhi – 4th December – Ep 18 Lavanya blames Girish for cheating on her, but Girish tries to explain to Lavanya about the same. Anshuman convinces Rana to trust him. Rana are waatch stunned. Add all the ingredients 3. Aim for 4 sets with 1 minute breaks in between the sets! Anshuman learns that Paakhi has not used his money for the party. He supports Anshuman in his decision of breaking his relationship with Paakhi.

Paakhi receives an award

By Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi views. Anshuman becomes upset on Paakhi’s return. Maa ji says what should I say now, do you want food for the journey. Nidhi gautam 13th Dec –