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The owner and bulkier m A. Money was sent In. Union Building, on Friday at 2 30 p. Not a good bid. Warren, ; Ward Three, A. Provincial officials are hoping for the latter. Dudley Wlckett, president of the Servlee Clubs Courtril replied in a delightfully-huromous velh. The officers for IMS are as follows:

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VaiK ouver, and Harry Charle. Romberg, Dvorak and Brahms are outstand- ing among the composers whose works will be played by America’s Plrst Rhythm Symphony. Messages for Ashcrolt and vicinity.

Online Pakistan Dramas: Choti Choti Khushiyan Episode On Geo Tv – 9th February

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The choir wlU visit ‘ St.

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An mformal recep turn VI a- held after the ceremony al the home of the bride. Rlgby sang Scotch rong. Husy vincial ofTlcc’rs do not believe it will oome to that and were encouraged by some easement in the situation yesterday. The results of the polling, as tab- ulated by the returning oUloer, ara as fcAlows: Ian lUcktaalc, talk, Ottawa.

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