And Mara, having an unloving father and grandmother, becomes a down-to-earth, intelligent girl that works hard to pay for her private school. Clara asks Mara to take back what she have told that Gary is just using Clara for his protection. To let Mara go down, Clara had another chance of wrecking her life with her parents and even at school. Gary then asks Lupe on why she agreed to be the witness of the Del Valle family against him who is her only son. Mara is saying her good bye to the ones that is close to her because her family is planning to migrate in Dubai. Dendam Mantan Pacar Layar Kemilau: Gary’s attorney is not ready for the Del Valle’s new witness and so they asked for the hearing to be moved. Derrick was the one being hit and they hurriedly went to the hospital.

And after Amante’s business is facing a big problem now, Amante apologised to Mara but Mara understands the situation. Alvira did not let Amante see Mara first since they have to talk about something. As for Mara, she went to the comfort room and Clara also went there to see her. The next day, Gary is ready to go to the court hearing and face the Del Valle family again. Clara then hurriedly grab her purse and Susan asked her to where she will be going. A letter is left by their burning house and named after Cristina.

Successful that finally Alvira is back with him and is having feelings rcgi him. Gary is very surprised that his mother – Lupe is turning her back against him and is with the Del Valle family.

Since Alvira needs to see the man she tasked to look for Nenita’s Jamilla Obispo house, she asked Gary to go home. Lurah di Hatiku FTV: Going back with Mara and Susan who is with Gary, Susan tells Gary that he is the father of the baby she is carrying right now. Clara tells both Alvira rct Amante that she is not crazy and if there is someone who is crazy, that would be them.


With this insult, Mara remained calm not minding what Clara have told her. Susan then followed Clara in her room and tries to explain about what she metpati. Mara was so sad and worried for she felt that it was her fault. Amante asked the guards in their village if they have seen Gary in the village but the guards told Amante that they did not see Gary tam.

Going back with Gary who is not going to stop till he gets what he want, he is asking for Alvira to marry him. Alvira is making sure that Gary will not get a chance to be freed or even escape from prison.

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Knowing that Alvira ,erpati Clara now, Clara wanted to talk to her. Amante and Mamang is very happy that finally Mara is with them safe and protected by them. Christian then apologized to Mara for not seeing her for a very long time since she is busy with her family. Lupe, Gary’s mother, blames Susan, believing it was all her fault, whilst Gary still has his mind set on Alvira.

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On the other hand, Amante David Bobby Andrews went to see Alvira and asked her on what she is planning and why she is getting rid of him. With this exchange of wealth, family, dignity and loved ones, will everything in Mara and Clara’s life be okay even with the new beginnings they are trying to fit in right now?

Susan David Mylene Dizon saw Lupe who is very stressed.


Telling their love ones on what has happened to them made both families be ruined. Mara wanted gak see her parents as much as possible to let them know about her condition. Alvira and her husband then spoke to Mara and warn her about Clara’s accusations.

With this,will Clara and Christian finally see Mara again? Gary then tells Clara to go home so that he can think of a plan to stop the Del Valle family from going to Dubai. Gary then freed Mara from the cabinet where Alvira tells Mara to hold on a bit and never surrender.

Clara then tells his father – Gary not to bother the Del Valle anymore since they have all the wealth already and they don’t need them anymore. Since Clara saw Mara with her movue while she was in the photo shoot, she thought that Mara is getting her mother’s attention.

Even though Mara was not at the Del Valle’s house anymore, she is still happy having her friends and Christian at school. And is Gary true to himself in changing for good for Lupe’s benefit? Clara’s surgical rti was successful and thanks to Tcm who donated his blood for her.

The police officers were also alarmed and then called Gary to ask him about what he did to alvira the other night. Mara’s death still remains to be questioned.

Lupe David already knew that Clara is Gary’s real daughter and not Mara. Mara and her mother are now planning to transfer to another place where they could live intkar.

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