There are always other suspects out there. Beatrice is a being that exists in the realm of magic. The culprit or victor has already found where the gold is. This has nothing to do with EP8. Believed that compared to him everyone else had it made. Magic exists for those who believe in it. The only reason he keeps opposing Beatrice is to save Jessica and Shannon. The world may never knoooowwwwww

Enjoy your false reds and Logic Errors. He shows non-existent knowledge in mysteries and often plays the role of the side kick. Your father, mother, and of course, Battler, will never come back to you, will never call your name again. It has its ups and downs. The witch shall praise the wise and bestow four treasures. This is absolutely and completely wrong.

Ace Attorneybut only if OP makes uminelo clear that discussing all games in a series without spoiler tags is okay. He shows hostility but appears to the type of character that appreciates life.

He is completely willing to make everyone in the world his enemy. In Episode 4 it is revealed that George is prepared to sacrifice the lives of everyone else on the island in order to be with Shannon. Yasu is an already existing character in the story. We cannot accept anything but THIS. Kannon is so angry and frustrated throughout the whole game. She elisode usually killed due to being sent away with the other servants.

Henceforth, Kanon is treated as dead. Let us consider the possibility that Beatrice and Shannon are two halves of a soul, sharing a single body. She decides who dies and in what order. The moment Shannon is murdered, Kanon goes eternally missing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This would go against his character as a whole.


But his “heart” died with Beatrice and all he did during the rest of his life was running after her. The rules say is forbidden. Her sins were not atoned for. Characters that are let alone are mysteriously killed.

Eventually he found Battler had been taken by in by a young woman, who handed him over to her nurse friend that worked at the local hospital. George is highly different than Jessica as he has three Motives. It has always been improbable to assume it was some stranger from the very start. Battler Battler – Beato and had been hiding for a place to safely survive the explosion when the submarine Escape by boat from one island to bring the ingot.

Liy liy93 wrote, – 12 – 30 You kinda had to figure things out on your own a bit too, I think the episode makes that abundantly clear didn’t he piss off a lot of readers saying that too? Servants who are not to be trusted.

How is it possible for him to carry out the murders from a different building? November 30, at 1: Battler’s boat was selrct speeding out into the distance. There must be a human counterpart carrying out the murders even if a Witch in fact existed! His father has taught him everything he knows about the business world through his contacts and apprenticeships with other companies.

Because of her selfishness people also die.

Revenge against everyone, huh. If you read the rules. Her self-hatred made a bigger hole in her heart creating a black witch. Simply the culprit must exist on Rokkenjima before the typhoon hits the island. Genji once skillfully threw a throwing seelect at an incoming butterfly.


UMINEKO EP8 – spoiler

Kanon as an accomplice: Guest rooms, the library room. The gold and the promised of a lost love were the only thing kept her alive. Beatrice is the illusion which the human culprit hides behind. Uminko cares for Shannon the most and even more than money as far as I can see. Just like in a story one of the most unsuspecting character turns out to be the culprit.

Reading Episode 8 of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (Spoilers) : visualnovels

Of course, anyone who thinks can solve the mystery would be welcome to join in. Or else it will destroy him without him knowing what it is. Would it be second to Shannon?

You know the Father in Umineko who has the least back story? In fact his motive culpritt be exactly that he needs that money to take Shannon with him. I mention George wanting to succeed in life. George cannot have a plan where Shannon dies as result. As you travel down it, you will see a village.