Want them to continue? Ana Brenda is doing the same. NovelaMaven, It didn’t even occur to me to be offended by your description of that somewhat dated medical equipment. I agree there was a lot of aggravating stuff in this one. Botel asks her what she’ll cling to after she finds out what happened to her daughter. LOL I say give her to Carlos.

Tuesday, June 23, at 8: And then I found out that she went out after Emiliano and I did. JudyB, I’m sorry to hear that you have a bad cold. How much are they? Loved the recap, Novela Maven! Mariana is glad to hear she’s sooo excited and now she does believe that she’s serious about Emi. And don’t look back. Magdalena wants to know what happened to her daughter and she wants to see her with her own two eyes if it’s necessary.

The two will go to see the sights alone. Public humiliation would be very fitting. Let’s hope she’s on the receiving end of Vero’s next slap. Retrieved August 7, Virginia hopes that Dr. These stories are a good escape from the very harsh realities of real life.


Nanciyaga puts her finger to her lips and signals Claudia to keep her mouth shut. Martin tells her he appreciates her concerns but he is not interested in her offer. Mariana on the other is very happy that Pablo is coming back to Mexico.


Hmmm, Virginia going after Jorge. When Vero is dispatched to look for more leaves, Nanciyaga smears grease all over Crazy Marty’s belly wound, all the while muttering about the insidious influence of the mala mujer blanca.

I’m just glad it was Marty Aaron nabbed and not Vero. He swore to avenge his brother, but he now finds himself in love with the woman he thinks is guilty of his death. But why is she yellow? And perhaps in our big world too.

He doesn’t think Veronica is a good example for the children to follow. Mauricio- nice recap, thank you sir.

Yeah, the thing with Claudia’s blouse was weird. He looks like hes at least trying.

Unforgivable Episode 30

When Magdalena appears with a wheelchair, Botel explodes in anger: I don’t like the looks of this! Botel tells her they have to wait for Claudia.

She is loving, giving, patient and understanding. It must be public humiliation of some sort.

I like Ivan and think he is doing a bang up job here, I just don’t like Martin. Hope you have a quieter night tonight. Member feedback about Televisa: How did we get back to the Prado Castelo mansion? Maybe I missed unforgivabpe discussion but- Has Vero really had past lovers?


Unforgivable Episode 30

Floridia, What fun to see you on this side of the tracks! Lo Imperdonable Unforgivable Episode May 11, Road To Destiny Episode 1.

Road To Destiny Episode 1. A family where there was only love and harmony. He will be ready to go as soon as he has splashed some cool water on his face. On top of all what Martin has done to help their family.

That’s not bad psychology, monkey writers! Even though he has nothing to forgive. Yeah, he did, he said he was returning with Claudia. Don’t see any of these happening period!!!!!!! He’d use to play with those building blocks as a child and build things. He reminds her that she became attached to a girl once before, and only a DNA test was able to dissuade her from believing she was her daughter.

I want Flor to get different glasses. Veronica finally gets up and leave.