I also liked his gal a lot. Didn’t Jang feed Yeon Ji for 7 years, how did those corpses still survive? I want to watch ep 5 badly. So Tae Yeon actually just drank another vampires blood when he bit the Doc. However, the filmmakers were definitely not using them in this way. Javabeans December 18, at This one really flew under the radar! If he does that he would kill the person and he can’t do that.

And yes, those trailers did play with our emotions — I thought those scenes were real too! Thnks for the recap! He didn’t receive blood from a vampire via the doc experiment , nor was the first victim of a vampire. I have this impression that most people loved it right off the bat, then their interested sort of started to wane down the line. Tae-yeon staggers in, seriously weakened, and drags himself to the bar — where Dr. I don’t necessarily buy into that the doctor was already a vampire. Knowing Korea things still may change but I’m hoping not because if they continue as this season was it will be well worth it!!

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But if a vampire drinks the blood of a recently deceased person right from the source, could that bring the person back? I would’ve gone crazy and screaming at the top of my lungs. Prosecuttor Lose Episode 10 with English Subtitle http: I’m not sure how I’m going to get on with this story but I’m going to give it a go anyway and at least try out the first few episodes.


It was action-packed, intense, adorable, and emotional. The finale provided some nice last-minute twists, wrapped up the big questions, put our hero through the wringer bringing out a fantastic performance as a result and even brought our team back together, stronger than ever. Alternate Links Can’t Lose Episode 10 http: Park Hoon is attacked by Jang, so passes his legacy onto Tae Yeon by making the latter into a vampire.

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This season, we get less comic relief from a smarter Soon Bum. Gone are the bowl cut and bangs, and the no-nonsense, boxy office suits.

The only person to catch a fleeting glimpse of him is Jung-in, who keeps her reaction contained as Prosecutor Jang arrives on the scene. Cameras monitor the crowded shopping center, with men in plainclothes on the ground.

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Ivy December 20, at 3: Drama Recaps Reach drwmacrazy Sincerity: The elegance of Season 1 was one prosecktor the big things that I liked about it.

I just watched the first episode, and it did remind me of Profiler, an American tv drama that I used to like. Her big heroic moment in coming to his rescue had me jumping out of my seat in glee. Time-Lapse Sequences Time-lapse sequences were still employed in Season 2, but with less frequency and regularity than Season 1.

With that, he heads off to take care of his unfinished business. Click Here to watch more video on viki. I want credit for the idea! So please let me have them, I beg you.


Soon-bum leaves him with words of confidence: Jang lets him go easily — never a good sign — dramcrazy the moment Soon-bum leaves, he mobilizes his team. I also really liked how we also got to delve deeper into her thoughts, feelings and desires. The writers managed to grow every one of our foursome, making the growth feel significant and yet organic.

Like what happened when newly turned Jang escaped the hospital, stumbled across a young girl outside, and turned her. Season 2 did give us some great character moments, even though I missed the elegance of Season 1.

Tae-yeon sits in a PC room reading through the info on the file, taking in the info on him, his sister, and the blood doc. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Tae-yeon asks if Jang turned his sister, and gets back an explanation for two ways of vampire turning: Blood gasps in prosedutor, stabbed in the gut.

He seemed to be the good guy, episod probably never had ‘fresh blood’ but just got blood from Dr.

With a wry smile, he tells her to carry around a real gun rather than a gas one, then walks away. Thank you, javabeans and girlfriday, for recapping this! Hi, thanks for the raws! Besides loving her new look, I loved how badass Jung Episofe got to be this season.