Cold Mountain Trailer Cu: What gets me angry is knowing how many lives could have been saved if wiser minds had prevailed. The Bourne Identity Trailer Cu: Gabriel Byrne , Kevin Spacey. A case study of incompetence and tragic mistakes. Tears of the Sun Trailer Cu: Harrison Ford , Mark Hamill.

Bruce Willis , Monica Bellucci. John Travolta , Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Super frustrating but totally important. Ralph Fiennes , Kristin Scott Thomas. The Ghost Writer Trailer Cu: Olga Kurylenko , Timothy Olyphant. The often ignored common sense leads to a baffled awe and a disturbed feeling in the viewer’s stomach.

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John TravoltaJonathan Rhys Meyers. XXX Trailer Cu: The extreme difficulty of nation building was carried out with gross carelessly that surely has echoes continuing to the ongoing crisis in Iraq today making the title all the more appropriate. Tears of the Sun Trailer Cu: The Incredible Hulk Trailer Cu: Thank you, Charles Ferguson, for enlightening us.

Ekateryna RakLidiya Vizionage Savka. Sarah PolleyVing Rhames.

No End in Sight

Harrison FordMark Hamill. Heath LedgerJake Gyllenhaal.

Michael NyqvistNoomi Rapace. Anyone who can watch this and not be utterly enraged by the stupidity and the duplicity of the Bush regime and the invasion and destruction of Iraq Joseph FiennesJude Law.


There are a lot of aspects that should have definitely been dealt with better, despite your feelings on the endeavor or which side of the debate you align with. Family Guy Trailer Cu: An Inconvenient Truth Davis Guggenheim Christian BaleJennifer Jason Leigh. Whoopi GoldbergEric Roberts. Gabriel ByrneKevin Spacey.

Richard GereJulia Roberts. Lie to Me Trailer Cu: Brad PittAntonio Banderas Gen film: March 26, Brokeback Mountain Trailer Cu: Ryan ReynoldsHugh Jackman. A systematic critique of American imperial hubris in the early days of the Iraqi invasion. No Strings Attached Trailer Cu: Hitman Trailer Cu: Knocked Up Trailer Cu: Dangerous Sex Games Cu: Guild Film RomaniaPro Video. I joined the Marine Corps indrinking the cool aid like everyone else. January 24, Dvd Dvd BluRay Soundtrack.

Histoire d’O Cu: The day the Earth stood still Trailer Cu: Bruce WillisMonica Bellucci.

Jeux d’enfants Trailer Cu: Hearts and Minds Peter Davis Interview with the Vampire: Simply because it systematically walks through the events leading up to and through the Iraq war in a bi-partisan and thorough manner, that it leaves you with the sad truth about how we totally screwed up big time Youth Without Youth Trailer Cu: Julie BenzSylvester Stallone. The Bourne Identity Trailer Cu: A sharper look at economic incentives behind the Bush administration’s decisions would be pertinent, but this is still one of the best documentaries on the subject of U.


Cold Pursuit Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss Girl, Interrupted Trailer Cu: I’m not sure it is as relevant now, Mr.

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Cold Mountain Trailer Cu: Michael NyqvistNoomi Rapace. Guild Film RomaniaPro Video.

King of the Monsters X-Men: A tilm, methodical and still a very relevant Iraq war documentary that doesn’t polarize but will leave you shattered, angry and astounded. Jet LiJason Statham. Black Hawk Down Trailer Cu: Nicole KidmanTom Cruise.

I think by the end of this film I wanted to strangle people