Newer devices with the A7 processor can provide improved playback quality. Rights agreements mean that our All 4 service is only available in the UK. How can I do it? If your resolution was fine and recently changed things appear huge, for example , your graphics driver might need to be updated. I could not get this hint to work with neither my iPhone 4 nor iPad 2 both running iOS 5. These sizes are fixed so you cannot drag the window to alter the dimensions. Some content will also be assigned an age rating of either 16 or

How do I find a programme to watch on my iPhone or iPod Touch? History What history is stored when I use the All 4 app? This will set a new PIN. Airplay playback is optimised for Apple TV version 7 or above. To make Windows Media Player the default media player: The All 4 app serves up a video-on-demand service launched in November as 4oD.

Why do I have to sign in to use the All 4 app? Tap the “Safari” menu option 4. Mobile data does not include WiFi. Why does airpkay All 4 4kd occupy so much space on my device? Mirroring cannot be enabled via the All 4 playback controls: If you lose your WiFi connection when airpoay a programme, it will move into a queued state.

Please find out which version of the Flash Player you currently have installed. If I pause a download, how do I restart? Mirroring cannot be enabled via the All 4 playback controls: You can disable mobile data streaming in your All 4 app settings. Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. At this time it is not possible to pre-book a programme to download. All 4 does not always have the same rights for all of our programmes.

To do this, click on the following link to go to the Flash Player Download Center: As Google Chromecast is a streaming service which we require specific rights for it will not be possible to watch any All 4 downloaded content using Google Chromecast. Changing the size of the All 4 Player screen: If this does not work then please contact us. In order to delete a downloaded programme you need go to the Downloaded section in Downloads. If you want to go back to the beginning simply drag the playhead on the timeline bar back to the start.


If this is an issue, try streaming the same content directly from the app — this could provide an improved viewing experience. Why am I experiencing audio only playback when using AirPlay?

Newer devices with the A7 airplayy can provide improved playback quality. I found a way around this, by starting the stream in the iPlayer airply, then switching to Apple’s Remote app, and resuming playing. This should give you enough time to finish watching the download. Similarly, if you press ‘Pause’ or ‘Done’, you will be able to resume from the same point when you re-select that episode.

To stream All 4 videos over mobile data you need: Select your Apple TV from the list of available devices that appears and begin playback.

For legal reasons, the Watch Live service is only available to residents of the UK. For more information visit http: Alternatively, you can remove one or more shows from your list online via the All4. In future, we will be introducing subtitles for downloaded content. If you are experiencing audio only playback, please enable mirroring on your device, as this may fix the issue.

If watching downloaded content, playback quality may not be optimised. Can I mirror my device using AirPlay? No waatch app seems to behave this way. For further AirPlay troubleshooting, please visit Apple Support.

All 4 – Help – FAQs

All 4 uses geo-blocking software to detect where your device is located when it connects to the internet. I was streaming a programme and then decided to download, why did it not start from where I was watching? Why can’t I hear any audio when I am watching a programme? Can I pause All 4 programmes with Google Chromecast? How do I enable mirroring on my device?


How do I start using Google Chromecast with the All 4 app? Click on Tools Options. If you leave the Wztch when you are downloading a programme, it will move into a paused state.

Finally, tap Enable PIN.

4oD iOS app now supports AirPlay and HDMI mirroring

If you are able to get the All 4 app on your device then you will be able to download available content. The data charge message will accompany this brand new instance of the app.

If the button is switched to the right the red circle disappears and you can set the audio volume to the desired level. If you were watching the video prior to leaving the application, you may get an alert message to indicate that the content is no longer available.

When you return to the UK and connect to WiFi, you will need to manually un-pause it in order to re-start the download. Ensure you have a strong WiFi connection when using AirPlay. Satch your Channel 4, E4 and More4 favourites, s of free box sets and exclusive original shows in one place. Airplay is not supported for non-Apple TV devices or audio only devices.

Different programmes, especially films, are broadcast in different aspect ratios. All 4 is the on demand channel from 4. At this time it is not possible to series link downloads.