Will receives a text from E. Lexie tells Daniel that he suffered a minor stroke, and that his condition is irreversible. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Sonny tells Will he thinks the kiss happened cause he wanted it too. Johnny asks Rafe when he’s coming home. Jack seizes an opportunity to spend some time with Jennifer by giving her a present that she hasn’t opened yet. Victor expresses his concerns on why Sonny needs Chad as a business partner.

Rafe tells Carrie that he met with the witness earlier and agrees that it’s John’s only hope. Sami comes home to find Rafe had made a special dinner for them saying she doesn’t deserve any of it. John is shocked when Judge Weston sentences him to fifty years in prison. Nicole offers to help Madison and Brady put up more posters. Ian comes back to the hotel suite telling Brady that divorce is not an option and is never letting Madison go ever. Sami sees the shooter and gets aggressive and demands to know where her son is. Brady tells John that he always regretted them not being close, John asks his son a favor to look after Marlena. Days of our Lives Season 47 Episode Ep.

Stefano makes an admission that he would never make John and Hope get married unless they wanted. Sonny works on a solution to fix the problem regarding dayz website being hacked, Melanie tells Chad that Abigail needs to know what’s going on. Will and Sonny tell Chad that he got all the links down, and something appears on the screen when they’re not looking. Gabi is mad when Chad and Melanie are going back to his place, she then thinks of the thing she did while there.

Marlena tries to get Jack to attend a session with other people suffering from post traumatic stress, but Jack says no. Roman overhears Bo and realizes that he’s not assigned to the Lur stakeout, and thinks going rogue if a bad move. Gabi opens up to Melanie and Abigail about not being able to put up with Episodee pulling away from her.


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Melanie approaches Daniel and asks him why he’s not on the surgical rotation anymore, he says his hands been shaking. Gina and John disable the cameras in the hotel room leaving Stefano to vow not to lose once again. Roman and Abe wonder why E. Carrie tells Austin why didn’t he tell her about the so called night with Abigail as Rafe overhears. Melanie opens up to Chad about her concern that her father won’t ever come home. Bo offers Abe a opportunity to help bring down E.

Stefano livs a gun at Hope and John insisting they due their business elsewhere. Latest Episodes Watch full-length episodes of Days Of Our Lives for 7 days after the original broadcast without sign-in. Marlena is beside herself when Wath reveals they’re not legally married.

Sami comes across E. John tells Judge Weston he pleads guilty to all charges. Jennifer feels like this is her fault by persuading Abe to play dirty to beat E. Kate overhears Daniel talking about his test results.

Stefano openly wstch to Hope he arranged for Bo’s beating. Sami tells Marlena she wants to be a better mother to Will, then she was to her.

Jennifer gets a call saying there’s been a change in the venue for Abe’s speech. A mystery man keeps and eye on Hope and John at the airport. Austin and Carrie sit down to try and work out their problems ever since they returned to Salem, Austin says that they’ll get through this. Maggie asks Daniel if the reason he’s not operating on her friend is cause he has Myasthenia Gravas. Rafe and Carrie take on a case involving a woman thinking her husbands been having an affair.


Marlena brings John his suit to get ready for his sentencing. Will lashes at Sami for making Qatch move out of the loft all cause a kiss between him and Carrie. Sami tells Rafe how about the renew their wedding vows.

Austin comes to help which pleases Abigail very much. Gabi arrives to xays with Will after hearing about the shootout and Johnny being abducted. Maggie knows what Melanie is trying to do, is get her a massage even though it’s Mickey’s birthday. Jan 304: Abigail asks Chad and Melanie how they manage to keep their hands off of each other for so long.

Nicole tells Madison that Brady deserves to have someone like her in his life. Stefano admits to Hope and Bo that he shares a box with Alice and will take her to see what’s inside.

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Stefano still refuses to hand over the passports saying he needs both of them and to wait for further instructions. Abe tells Lexie that she had another headache and passed out and insists on getting Daniel to come over. Hope and John are put under dayx gas hypnotic state.

Abuse of the TV. Nicole tells Madison that she got E. Abigail goes to tell Austin everything, but see that he’s having a drink with her father.