Starting at ground level, look for the stairs surrounded by a chainlink fence, slightly northwest of the tower. It’s best to start this puzzle on the small pier next to the red tower icon. Go up the stairs and onto the roof and go through the gate and onto more air con units. Hack the camera next to the ctOS tower and look to the right. While facing the fenced gate, hack the one visible camera. For the next camera, you should also look up and to the left. Progress along the side of the building until you reach a ladder. This camera will give you a view of the unlock panel for you to hack.

The 11th tower in the southern-east part of docks. Go to the blue lift and up then climb the yellow ladder and follow the gates. Walk back to the facility entrance and pass through the ctOS gate. To get to the next mast, you need to take three steps: The view from the camera, opposite the gate. The sixth tower in the northern-east part of The Loop district. Auto HD High Low. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

The fifth tower on the east from skyscrapers in ceneter of the district. Hacking ctOS centers isn’t enough; you also need to hack the various ctOS towers within each part of Chicago. Run through the alley and use the blue lift to go up to the balcony.

The second camera is at the mast. Now just go around the building and through the gates to get to the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor.

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In fact, the interior of the warehouse has nothing to do with this puzzle. You cannot see it, until you lower the fork of the forklift that is in the way. If you’ve played your share of Ubisoft open world games, you know the deal: Hack the panel, pass through the unlocked ctOS gate, and make a right.


The gate in front of the mast. Go up the curved roof further onto some air con units and through a parkrr. Cross it, but before you hop praker fence, make a degree turn to find another unlock panel.

Watch Dogs: find all 13 ctOS Tower locations

Hack it, then swing the camera around so that two cameras are in view. Cots the camera next to the ctOS tower and look to the right. The second camera inside the building.

This camera will give you a view of the unlock panel for you to hack. While facing the ctOS logo, look up and slightly to the left to find and hack the first camera.

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Go through and left and around the opposite side. From there, you have a good view of the next unlock panel to hack. This is the ctOS tower closest to The L train tracks and yes, you’ll need to cross the track in order to reach the tower.

There also are two switches. Secondly, you need to enter the car and drive it into the container ahead.

The blue elevator in the Southern part. Using the Public Furniture parjer as a starting point, head south, and make a right into the first alley. Once you reach that tower, you need to take the following steps. In front of the gate, you are close enough to use the Profiler to hack into the camera on the opposite building. You can boost yourself up the ctOS Tower using the air con units and install backdoor.

After you activate it, walk over across the gate and over the glazed rooftop, to get straight to the terminal. Ignore the camera at the corner of one of the fences and instead hack the camera that’s further in the distance. Several of the towers are in the first district Parker Square and you aprker unlock them right at the very beginning. Now, with the lock opened, approach the mast and unlock the signal from the tower, with the action key.


ON the wall, behind the mast, there is a camera. Maps of smaller activities.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Keep climbing until you reach the catwalk on the right and use another lift as a bridge to reach another part of the building. Want us to remember dgs setting for all your devices?

Climb up the stairs and the nearby ladder to reach tracks. Hack this camera to unlock the door.

Exit the room through the other door, hop the fence to your left, and then use the lift. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! When you get to the top, look left to find the tower. The switch on the Western wall. Hack it to gain access to the tower.

It’s best to start this puzzle on the small pier next to the red tower icon. In the game, there are 13 objects and the order in which they are to be unlocked is up to you.

Climb up the ladder, then drop down to the area with the forklift to access the tower. To hack into the second tower, you need to access the premises of the building, next to the tower.

To open your way to the next ctOS mast, walk onto the pier and hack the camera on the post. Almost in each case, to access the terminal, you need to enter the alley between buildings.

Obtaining the means of transport Using the available means of transport How to escape the police? Climb those objects to reach the ctOS gate.